Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolutions - some knitting related

I am borrowing this from Kelly, who had some posted on her brand new BLOG.

1. Finish 5 projects before ANY new yarn is purchased (just finished 1, a Malagaiter for my Aunt)

2. MUST completely finish my ummmm 2 UFO's from last winter, and wear them

3. Will try to wake up to my alarm clock (not the feet of DH in my back)

4. Will find and make a HOME for DH and I (wherever that may be)

5. Will make OFFICIAL list of ALL projects currently working on, and that I have yarn for in the hopper (stash - not all stash is ear marked)

6. Will try to limit myself to (forget I even thought of this one!!)

7. Will try to be more patient and understanding (will enforce this with DH to me and my, yes that's it......PASSION)


Saturday, December 30, 2006


OMG!!!!! I am currently up visiting my dad for the holidays, and his wife took me on a little outing today at my request. I went to WEBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I didn't get as much time there as I wanted, or truly needed, but it was AMAZING!!!!

Must go eat, being beckoned for.....will blog more later and will include picture of my haul along with the 1 lone picture I took while in the store.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A New Idea

I have discovered that there are really 13 days of Christmas, not 12, with the 13th being the day after. Want to know what my true love brings to me on the 13th day? "On the 13th day of Cristmas my true love brang to me a tow truck from the NYPD.......and Lets not forget about the $115 dollar ticket on the windshield." I may be a New Yorker by Heart, but I didn't vote Bloomberg. Although there was that bout when I first moved back to NYC to live with my mom and my car got towed 3 days in a row (ok, so I'm a little slow too). This time it was the DH, he said he read all the signs.

Funny thing is, one of our friends girlfriends (she didn't know what our car looked like) apparently saw it all happen as we were exiting the restaurant.


So, I got an early Christmas present, my SP sent me a little holiday cheer, and just when I needed it too. I left SNB on Thursday evening, and I had just had one of the worst days, and was looking at anaother one coming up. I get into the car and start yapping to my DH (who always so loving listens "I THINK HE JUST BLOCKS ME OUT" to every word I say) and he drops this yellow package with Christmas stickers all over it into my lap, and I got all excited, I was like "is it??", and he said "I thought it might interest you, that's why I brought it." and it was, my gift from my SP.

When I got home, I quickly opened it, I know, I can't believe I waited either, but it was a really crappy day, and I just didn't have the strength to do it (although you can see in this pic where I at least gave it a try without scissors). Well, when I got home everything was neatly wrapped individually, which gave me more gratification opening each item: snowman cards, snowman soap, snowman gift bag, snowman stitch markers (SO CUTE), and even a little snowman ornament with my name on it. Thank you sooooo much SP! I appreciate it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This Blog should be a lot longer, and about a lot of different things, but my fingers and wrists ache (OY VEY!) and I am starting to feel Yucky. I have lots to say, starting with

My Spoilee..... who bounced a question back to me, now "I" have to make a decision, and I HATE making decisions, so I have decided to go both freakin' ways. Oy! I can't say more because I don't want her figuring me out. All I can say is that I just got her some realllllllly nice freakin' yarn, and I'm thinking about keeping it ALL TO MYSELF! Oh it's just yummy, soft, and gorgeous. I'm jealous over a gift that I haven't even given, so I don't have to, do I?

My horrible experience.... which was now last week, but I still have yet to fully put in writing my VENT about that horrible LYS in Greenwhich, CT Knitting Niche (THEY ARE MEAN, NASTY, and ACTED ATROCIOUS TOWARDS ME) will go more in depth in next blog.

My stupidity... I knowingly (and admittedly) added more stress and more knitting to my already filled, if not over filled knitting calendar. I have 2 baby blankets waiting to be knit 1 baby due in Feb., the other in April, and I found out another one is on the way, so I am already putting together a knitting group to knit one so it is more familial. I was also FINISHED with making ANY CHRISTMAS gifts, but unwittingly agreed with myself that the Malagaiter (I was using rose colored Malabrigo) making for myself in the Brioche pattern was coming out so nicely that I could whip (don't forget I'm a slow knitter) one up for my aunt (using the pennant pleating version - using emerald green), and while I was at it, why not add another one into the mix for her sister. Oh wait don't forget the hat I'm making for a complete stranger that I started yesterday, which is really what got me into this predicament in the first place because it WAS going so quickly that I figured "WHY NOT????)

So, what do I do? I ache, have to go to work tomorrow, must get some sleep, and must rest my appendages. At what point can/does a knitter have too much yarn? Should I put it all together and scare the hell out of my entire family, let alone my DH whom I hope doesn't read this let alone find ALL my stash. I'm such a "dead man walking". I blame Christina for selling me more yarn, my SP for making me decide, and my family for being so needy. Am I leaving anyone out????

Pictures to come......

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I am sitting here on my bed in my newly aquired Betsey Johnson Dress from the SAMPLE SALE that is going on today (which is over) through Friday. What fabulous things they had had wonderful prices. I didn't mean, nor want to go since I've heard too many stories about sample sales, and the horros that take place there, but being as my DH is their IT Geek (I mean Director) and he had my set of keys to the car (my only way home) I had to go there and meet him. So I go into the warehouse (where the sale is being held) and saw my DH, who was on the phone handling some IT issue. Well, I was just standing/lurking in the doorway (with ALL my bags I must add), and saw all the dresses and more dresses, and skirts and more dresses that were hanging up all over, and the very handy dandy coat check room to my left. So I figured "HEY! What the hell, why not have a quick look around". A bit of a bummer for me, especially since I Offically or technically don't fit into their clothes anymore. Well, I figured Flannery (my sister - who's a disgusting size 4 at best) would love some of this stuff, since a lot of it was very vintage-y. I was also getting very overwhlemed with the whole scene, my senses were going crazy. I took a quick parusial (even at the sipke heeled shoes) in the back, and eventually (veryr quickly I might add) came up with 3 things for her, I had to really hold back. So I went to the register and had my DH decide on 1 of the 2 dresses I had choosen, and he picked the one I really liked too, and I got her this really cute pair of pleated shorts, daisy dukes, pleated all the way around. She will look FAB!!!!! I would post pics, but just in case she checks this blog out (which I highly doubt she or for that matter anyone else in my family) I don't want to ruin her Christmas present.
Well, after paying he introduced me to someone who yelled at him for charging me, and insisted I go back and get something else for FREE (I tried to say NO, really I did) but I obligingly returned to the floor in hunt for something that MIGHT possibly fit my fat ass. I saw soooo many thing I liked, but of course sizes 2, 4, or 6 at best, so no go. I did find a knit skirt with a flower border on it I thought I might like, it was a toss up between that and another dress (I didn't want to seem greedy so I didn't want to go up and ask for my husbands opinion, because the guy would probably tell me to take both.

So, after finding this skirt, I ran into 2 women who work with my husband directly (I recognized them from his Haloween party pictures) and introduced myself, well, between the two of them they kept trying to push more clothes off on me, and I honestly felt bad because I don't ever want people thinking that I am trying to take advantage of something or someone, especially in a case like this. My parents raised me right, and me thankful and respectful, but don't be greedy (even though deep inside I was feeling a little oooh and ahhhing). Well, Donna had a couple of things to show me, and then Daisy pulled out this gorgeous maroon colored dress that has green butterflies on it. She said "this will fit you" I'm like no way, what size is it? She says size , but it's cut wide. I know BJ dresses, and they are not usually cut wide, but she did have point, it did seem wide. Well, she told me it WOULD fit, and to take it home and try it on......
What do you think? It's a little hard to tellas I had to take the picture myself, which meant no flash, and the obvious distance thing, but if you click the picture it will enlarge so you can see all my fatty detail (oh yes and definite bustiness)... Oh what a day, now I'm off to slumberland, a little knit first, but then slumberland, perchance to dream....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quote of the Day

Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky,
My pile of books is a mile high.
How I love them!
How I need them!
I'll have a long beard by the time I read them.
Arnold Lobel

I just love this quote, it's so me. I have sooo many books, and sooo many more that I want to read. I just might pick up that new James Patterson tonight and begin.

Knitting Without Cable Needle - YEAH!

Thanks to Kathy aka Grumperina, I have learned to do cables without the use of a cable needle, and it does, just like she says, make things much quicker and easier. I've only done it a few time so far on my Irish Hiking Scarf, but it's working like a champ. I had a minor blimp in the beginning, because I wasn't sure which way my cable was going, i.e. Left or Right Twist, my pattern calls for C6F, which I learned by trial and error that C6F is a Left Twist Cable. I'll post a picture later when I get home.

I'll also be posting my vacation pics and posts later too, I only have those pics onmy home computer.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Beginning, or not so Beginning of my Trip

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2006

Ok, so this was to be the first day of our vacation, we were scheduled to leave on a 3:30 flight for Orlando where we were going to meet up with DH’s sister’s family who had left on the 6:30am flight down. We were to spend two days there, and then off to Ft. Lauderdale where the cruise was to start. Well, I had had a very difficult LONG week at work, wasn’t getting home until 9:30 at night, so there was really NO time for packing, and to top it all of, I’m not a good packer either, I usually panic a little, and then pack everything. Well, I didn’t get home Friday until 9:30, got out of work late, and then spent 1hr on the floor at the Port Authority waiting for my VERY delayed bus. I was in no mood to pack when I got home. But, I did what I could before I passed out.

I got up very early on Saturday to finish packing so that we were ready for our 1pm pick up for the airport. Well, let’s say the morning didn’t go so well. I had a nervoud break-down, DH got so flustered and angry with me he broke the laundry basket (we’re still looking for a replica to replace it, it was breaking anyway), he’s not usually like this, but I can get pretty bad in my packing panic mode. Let’s just say I can become a child at this point and sit and cry and scream in the corner. Ummmmm not the highlight of my life, nor one we shall dig too deep into. As if it couldn’t get any worse…I start dry heaving (no food in stomach), not your minor dry heave either. I was praying to die, praying! DH postponed our flight to the later flight figuring we’d be packed, and I’d be all better, he figured the dry heaves were from my hysteria, which I agreed with. Well, when it was time to go for the next flight I had my head in the toilet crying hysterically that I would get on the plane no matter what. DH postponed the flight once again, and we were scheduled (I did) on the Sunday morning flight at 6:30am (was I on crack when I did that?).

Sunday….DH and I are packed and ready to go to the airport, we decided to drive ourselves and park in the cheapy-peepy off-site parking lot (normally I would have no issues) DH was driving, and we’ll just get to the short and sweet of it, we had a full out argument, I almost killed him with my bare hands, and we ended up missing out flight. Thankfully there was another one 45mins later that had room for us still in first class. Well, alls well that ends well is what I say. Everything went off without a hitch after that. We got to Orlando, and got our rental car, we got a nice little Jeep Liberty, looked like someone had gone off-roading with it, and every time we put the drivers window down (tolls) there was such a high squealed noise I thought my teeth would crack. We really couldn’t do anything but laugh at this point.

We got to the hotel, and checked in, we tried to be near his sister, but that was not to be the case. The hotel was more like time shares, so they were set up in several buildings on a 2-3 acre property (Baby at the Hotel), we were on one side, and they were on the other. We got into the room spoke with his sister and met them at the pool. Or twin nieces were so cute when we got there just yelling for us, and couldn’t wit to hug us and go into the pool. They had to leave a little early as the girls had appointments to get their hair done like princesses in Downtown Disney. We met them later in the day for dinner, and an evening on the town Disney style.
When we met up with them the girls looked just gorgeous, how they sat still to get their hair done is just shocking. We had dinner and then we hurried along to the Disney hotel, The Wilderness Lodge, where they do a movie and a campfire every night. Not what I was
expecting, but quite interesting none the less. The girls loved it, and so did all the adults, we got to roast marshmallows and eat smores!! DH and I left them after that and headed back to the hotel, and let’s just say I wasn’t fully over whatever I had had the day before, and the Smores put me over the edge. OY!!!

Monday we got up nice and early, and had a pleasant drive to the airport with our squeaky window. We got there nice and early, just like we both like (we were made for each other), got on the check-in line and we both thought (we are never going to get our bags through without paying the extra fee for overweight bags), but the guy we had was REALLY nice. We were flying Spirit airlines, which (I know I’m a snob) I would normally never fly, but we got a GREAT deal $60 per person from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale (and it turns out we were in 1st class - see Baby had his own seat too!), so two out of our three bags were overweight as we knew from the flight down to Orlando (but I’m a Continental Elite member, so they don’t care), but the guy said oh just move something to another bag, and since you are premium customers, it’s no big deal. WOW, and I thought we were going to get stuck with a $50 charge for our luggage, I’m trying to pack lighter, it’s just not working.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Interim Blog

This is just a quick blog to say hello to everyone!!! I am back from my wonderful cruise with my DH. We had a little bad weather (read between the lines), but other than that I really enjoyed myself. I have some wonderful pictures that I want to share with everyone, and some wonderful stories as well, but I am trying VERY hard to put it all into words (that I am happy with), and I'm doing it day by day because I'm being very anal about my blog lately. I want to make it look better because I am SOOOOO jealous of everyone else's blog that I read. Also, for those of you in the know, or whomever wants to go back and read previous posts, I will be posting a picture of Baby that I took of him at every port we were in, and his days at sea as well as him sitting in his own first class seat on the way down. Ok, so I'm a little crazy, but then again aren't we all a little obsessed with SOMETHING, ahem Yarn for most.

So please keep an eye out for my updated cruise posts. Oh, and yes today is the 30th, so I want to give a shout out to my SP, but I will also send an e-mail to her, as well as my personal SP.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hope This is in English.....

I am currently on day 5 of my 7 day cruise, and I have 30mins to use the internet, so I figured I´d blog real quick. This is only a small one, my day to day will be coming up next week.

So, I´m in Costa Maya Mexico, and I just did an ATV beach tour. My DH had a blast, and I had fun as well. I´m looking forward to getting home, but I´m also having a wonderful time alone with my DH. I´m getting some knitting in, not as much as I thought I would, but no biggie, I´m still having fun. I don´t know what mor eto write about because then it would make my every day posts when I can do that boring. But I´ll give you a little teaser....

DH and I have finally given up on vacationing in the carribean any time during the month of November. I´m not even sure if we should ever try it again, but hey, who know´s. I am on land, but I swear I think I might be moving, or maybe it´s the screen. OY VEY! Anyone out there here of the Noro Virus, so

OK, well I´m off back to the boat. Eeryone cross your fingers for sun tomorrow, or maybe Sunday, Sunday could be good too. Oh well...

Ciao to all my readers, or should I say aidios.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Quickie!!!

OK, it's 2:30am on Friday/Saturday, November 17/18, and I am still awake. What have I accomplished tonight for my tri that I am leaving for tomorrow? HHHMmmmmm, let's see..ummm, no, ummmm, nope, ummmmm, nope not that either, HHHHHmmmmmmmm, what have I accomplished towards my packing which as always was left for the last freakin' minute. I'm going to go with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, BTW, DH is out cold on the bed with exactly what I have accomplished waiting for him upon his waking, whenever that may be. As for me, I've taken a sleeping pill and plan on being up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn to finish packing. Oops spoke too soon, DH just rolled over and told me to go get laundry out of the dryer to fold.

Off I go...................

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oddity for today......Wednesday

I have decided that I am going to post an oddity of the day as often as I possibly can, I think it might be interesting for people to get to know me, and how utterly WEIRD I am. Sooooo, with no further a-do, my "Oddity of the day is........." I am a closet Niel Diamond fan. My DH got me hooked on that Saving Silverman movie,which was an absolute riot, well after at least the 50th time my DH had me watch it. But, I just love the song "BROTHER LOVE'S TRAVELING SALVATION SHOW". I just love it so much, I used to do karaoke IM with my DH and friends, and of course on the drunk bus home from a night out in the city I'm blaring it on the i-Pod singing aloud (very loud). I am urrelty listening to him to destress, it was a hard day today

Oh, 1 more thing

I just bought another 5 pair last night, just special for my cruise next week.

Ummmmm....... Odditiy of the Day

My DH would be very angry if he knew I was airing my dirty......well actually clean just recently by my DH) laundry in public like this. I have this, I'd have to call it "affliction" that causes me to ummm how would you put it? Not do laundry. Well, for 8 LONG years, I lived in an apartment that had no laundry facility, therefore I had to go to the laundromat to do my laundry. Well, during these LONG years (oh and I lived in a 3rd floor walk-up), I came to realize that doing laundry at the laundromat really sucked because it took at least 2hrs from start to finish. Well, on to the dirty..ummm clean little secret that I usually hide from all....I own enough underwear that I don't have to do laundry, if I wanted for well over 1 month. You see, the Gap always has this deal for my favorite pair, 5 for $20, how can ONE go WRONG???? In my opinion I have beat the system. My DH just thinks I'm crazy!!! And your opinion is????????

This is only a portion of my collection....... (from the "Light" collection)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My SP9

I can't say too much just in case my SP comes accross this Blog and reads it, but that would be highly unlikely since I don't think anyone really reads my blog. BUT...I sent her a questionnaire so that I could get to know her a little better, and one of the questions she answered made my teeth shatter when they hit the floor. Apparently, she is a GEEK like I am, I thought I was the only person in the world that liked this one thing, and her answer to the question I posed just made me totally freak out. I started yelling into my DH who was shaving at the time, "Honey, HONEY, you will never GUESS, my SP and I like both like XXXX (don't want to give any hints, ust in case she reads me). His response, "ohhh cool....". Men and their diinterest in our knitting until it come to paying the bills, and then they are all over us.

I am heading on vacation next week, and needed to stop by the mall tonight to pick up some things from the Gap, and wanted to pick up something from Sephora or Bath and Body Shop. When I told my DH that I technically didn't have to go to Sephora, that I ad enough lotion to ge tme through, that my real intention was to buy for my SP, he was lik, " you have to buy gifts???", and I said, "YEAH, that's what SP os all about, I explained that to yo over and over. DUH!! Again, Men!! I decided to go back with her list so I am exactly sure of the scents and things she likes. I want to be a good SP, that's just my nature, I love spoiling people.

Think this is the GIG for me?

Ok, on to new posts!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hats, Hats, and more Hats

I am currently in the process of knitting 2 cable hats simultaneously, and have several more planned to do prior to Christmas. I am quickly knitting a BLUE one for a friend, but no names listed as I don't want people to know there gifts before receiving them. I am knitting my Irish walking hat that will match my scarf, and then I have hats planned for the following people:

  1. Ruthie (my 3yr old step-sis) being made out of Pink Pure Merino (she loves Pink)
  2. Lili (my other 3yr old step-sis - twins) being made out of Purple Pure Merino (she love Purple)
  3. My FIL (I was suposed to do this last yr - Oops, so this is actually my oldest WIP, but technically not since I never started it to begin with) a blueish black tweed cascade 220
  4. I can't think of anyone else, but I'm sure someone else will get a hat too.

Below is a pic of one of the hats in progress. I'm a bit further along than in this picture, I'm actaully close to switching to the DPN's to finish it off. Yeah!!

Addicted Knitter

I have recently introduced my 5yr old niece to knitting, and she is now absolutely addicted to it. She doesn't really get it, nor will she accept my instruction as she's very persistent that she knows how to do it herself. She is always asking to knit, and won't listen to my advice. It's too funny. She asks every time she comes over, and wants her own needles and yarn to do it, then she asks for the "book" Stitch 'N Bitch, as she puts it "I need it because I don't know exactly how to knit yet". So I give her a set of needles, yarn and the "book", and let her sit and play. I just love her. Her twin sister isn't as into it as she is, it gets boring to her. How cute are they, unbelievably adorable!

Another KAL

Hey! I've joined another knit along, go figure this one with cables. I have so gotten into them, everyone I know, except for DH is getting something knitted with cables. The only reason he's not, is that he doesn't want me to knit him anything, he doesn't wear things like scarves so there. Ok, back to knitting, plus acking, cleaning, work, and preparing for a lot of other things. Will post more later, including tons of pictures

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My SP9 Wacky Fact

Kerry, my SP9 Host has asked us to post a "random wacky fact" about myself, something that nobody would ever guess about me. As she puts it "The wackier the better." So here goes.

My random wacky fact that no one really knows, nor understands, especially my family members is.......I'm not JUST afraid of the dark, my fear of the dark is more truthfully related to being in a secluded area either outdoors or indoors in a place that has any kind of windows, such as the window in front of most people's kitchen sink. My fear, OK, this is real, but my fear at -- of an age is......I can't believe I'm actually telling people this, but I'm afraid of Michael Meyers from "Haloween", and Jason from "Friday the 13th". Now this is a real and I would have to agree with all of you and say non-sensical, but to me somehow I have made them REAL in my head. I grew up living in NYC, and would go out at 1:00am at 12yrs old, and not be afraid. I would go up to my grandparents in CT, who just happen to live in the middle of the woods in a very open house with lots of glass doors and lots of windows, more than your average home. We would go up there most weekends, and I couldn't sleep, and I didn't have a tv in my room there, which was upstairs (very long windy stairs, nothing you could get u with prowess), so I would stay up late to watch SNL (when it was good). I would sit in the den, my mother would have to promise me that all the doors were locked, and that no one was going to get in no matter what, then she would draw the blinds in the den over the sliding glass door (UGGHHHH!!!!), and then she would place (OMG) a magical blanket over my head so as not to be seen by anyone. OK, even then I new the thing wasn't magical, but I was covered. I would slouch as low as I could in the chair, and watch tv until the fear become too much for me, and I would turn the tv off, and run for my life u the stair and into my bedroom (which also had a sliding glass door). Once in my room, I would get into bed, and cover my head with the blanket and pray that THEY "Michael and Jason" wouldn't be able to detect my presence if they got in.

Ok, how freakin' embarrasing is that story? Well, it doesn't get any better.....When I have to go down into the basement to do laundry, all of the lights are on pull chains, and sometimes it's so dark when I'm going to grab the one by the laundry, and I have to wave my hand in front of me to find it, I always fear that I will actually hit one of them with my hand, or when the light goes on, they will be there. One time just recently my MIL turned the lights off on me in the basement, and I didn't realize it until I turned the laundry switch off, well I started screaming at the top of my lungs for my DH to come and save me. Needless to say, he had to give me tranquilizers to calm me down after that. I couldn't breathe, the fear was sooooo strong. I can tell you right now, I am going to end up having nightmares tonight about this, just thinking about it. OY VEY!

If I can get my hands on one, I'll post a picture of my grandparents house, as well as our house up on the Cape, which again is very open with lots of glass, and you'll see what fear is like.
OK, enough of this. But hey, that's one wacky fact you would never guess.

My Knitting Bag - LOVE IT

I've had this for awhile, but finally remembered to take pics and post them.

My knitting Nook

Don't worry, this is not ALL of my stash, I haven't been able to move it all yet, besides some of what I'm hiding from DH

Although I haven't been using it recently, I've been knitting a lot sitting in bed, kinda like tonight, but blogging.

My Malabrigo

Irish Walking Hat in Progress

I just LOVE how the cables are SO defined. And I'm doing it!

My favorite Measuring Tapes - GEEK ALERT

So I'm taking pictures up the yin-yang today, but I've finally decided I've got to do my Blogging, especially since it was on my To Do list from yesterday (Check), and I had to post pictures since I haven't in like forever. But here are my two sheep, I had to get both, I didn't want to seem prejudiced and get only the white one, besides I'm the black sheep in my family, why not have one of my own. LOL!

OK, my favorites, BUT I MUST get more. My 2 sheep, and my all famous Coach edition, which it seems they don't sell anymore, unless it's an in store only item. I got mine in the Soho store. Aren't I such a brat!

My Knitting Marsupial Pouch

This is my IWH in it's little pouch that I knit from, you have to love it!

This is me wearing my jacket that has the pouch, isn't that just AWESOME, or am I a geek?

A little late - 1 of my B-day presents

I should have posted this along time ago, but never did. My wonderful friend Monica got me for my birthday. Her DH Ben picked out the mug, isn't that just awesome! Everything she got me was/is awesome. I am sitting here blogging and watching the Elizabeth Zimmerman DVD. She also got me so stitch markers you can't really see, they spell ot KNIT, and she also got me some really cool glass buttons, and some kitschy things as well, Wash Away your Sins Breath Spray, and It's not PMS, it's you gum. LOL. Oh, let me not forget the Lantern Moon project bag in a gold with a pink hue to it. LOVE the pink!

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures

This is the first cable project I ever did. I made this hat for my friend Diane. It's a modified version of the basic cables hat in Stitch N' Bitch Nation. It's not as drastic as I like cable wise, but it's more than she was expecting, and I think better loking than what she was expecting. I think she'll be very proud to wear this, she's such a good friend, she said that she would wear a hat exactly like on that I made ans SOOOOOOO messed up. God friends are so nice to have. Love all you guys!! Thanks for everything.

Friday, November 03, 2006

My FIRST cabled project

I finally, only a few boo-boo's (I corrected on my own!!!!!!), finished my first, well second really, cabled project. I knit a wonderful hat for my friend Diane. I say second only because I had started a different hat at my B-Day party, but it was with a bumpy (not sure of exact terminology) silk that was hard to cable with, and wasn't showing them very drastically. Well, I changed (I'm going to frog it and do another hat), and I love it. So soft.

OK, picture to come, I'm on the laptop, and DH is on the computer with the camera cord connected, on top of needing to take the picture. OK, I'm off to take pictures since I have a lot to post.

Irish Hiking Scarf

OK, so I'm a little disappointed, I've finally joined a KAL, but cannot actually post to the site or be official since I (like a moron) switched my account over to Blogger Beta. What was I thinking? I'm always yelling at DH for doing things like that, and the first chance I got, what do I do???...Switch. And on top of that, I don't think I am getting anything out of it either. UGGHHHH!!! Although, I must say, unlike DH, I wasn't downloading "non-approved" software to my brand new cell phone. Yes, you read that right, he wanted to install MS software on his phone that was still undergoing trials with Verizon, but had made it to all the Geek sites before release. Of course he read that OTHER people had done it successfully, so it should be fine. I said, "Don't do it, you'll be sorry." I was right, down went his phone, and that was right before he remembered that he hadn't backed it up, so there went all is info too. MEN, you've gotta love them. He's always talking about things like this, and I obviously bring this back up, and he now reconsiders, YES! But, it's the fact the he even thinks about doing these types of things again. LMAO!

OK, this post was to be about me and my IHS. So, I have decided to go with a wonderful Grayish-pink Malabrigo. Must post picture next (well, take picture first). I've actually started, and am almost finished with the matching hat, the Irish Walking Hat. I'm so excited about how it's turning out, (again must post picture).

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Do to the very sincere threat from DH that he would CRASH my Blog if I posted his Haloween Pics., there will be no pics of "Three Men in a Tub" except for this link: Three men in a Tub.

DATELINE NEW YORK: Haloween 2006

October 31, 2006: This just in........ IT Geek from Betsey Johnson wins Best Overall Costume in Employee Costume Contest. This years theme, Mother Goose.

That's right folks, my DH won best costume, at the same time losing some friends, while winning the company's costume contest. He was dressed as the Baker from "3 Men in a Tub". He wore a bakers outfit, had a ducky tub around his waist, and put photos of the Candlestick Maker, and the Butcher beside him, held up with cardboard. I'm so proud of him, it's great. His prize? 1 vacation day and a Godiva Chocolate Cat.

keep looking, photos to come.....

Monday, October 30, 2006

Answers for my Secret Pal - Hope these help

What is your occupation? I am currently an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a gourmet food chain.

Do you have any hobbies outside of fiber arts, or even hobbies you'd like to try someday, such as scrapbooking, beading, etc? Not really, I do love baking, I went to culinary school for that, so I should. I also do, or used to do, until I picked the needles back up, stamped cross stitch. I don't forsee picking up any more hobbies in the near future as I don't have enough time as it is to get everything I want to get done done. I've thought about scrap booking, but all the goodies would put me over some line that I should never cross, if you get my drift.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Such a toughie........I would love to go to Bora Bora, although I have been to Tahiti, it's just not the same. I would also kill to go to the Maldieves, and also to the Greek Islands. I just love blue, blue water and sand. (although I hate sand on me. Yuck!


Movies: There was a time when I would only say 16 Candles, but there have been so many stellar movies since that time that this becomes a hard question. I love the happily ever after type movies, a good romance, or a great mystery. I'm a big Bridget Jones fan. I'm also a big fan of almost anythign Vince Vaughn does or Will Ferrell.

bands/singers: I don't really have a favorite band, I do really like the Corrs, but I should, I'm Irish. I'm very eclectic when it come s to my music, I really enjoy most things from classical to rock. Although I have to say that I'm really not into heavy rap or punk type music. I'm a big fan of Jack.Fm (my local is CBS FM 101.1), they are all over in most markets now, and play such a variety of music that it's great for me, I don't get bored too quickly.

TV shows: I LOVE "NCIS", and also love watching "The Unit", "Derek", "Numbers", "Stargate SG-1", and of course watch some of the stupid shows on MTV and VH1 when I get bored although "Pimp my Ride" is always a good one, although I don't like the new cast they have although Mike is at the new place, and he's funny.

Color (not just for yarn!): There is no doubt about it, you can ask anyone that I know, my favorite color is PINK. I don't just love to knit it, I love it in, on, or however, wherever it may show. I do have issues with it when people who shouldn't be wearing it wear it, it's a tough color to pull off, and I can't always pull it off. I stay away from the bright pinks for clothing. Green, however is MY color because my eyes are hazel, and when I wear something green my eyes just POP. I have some DB that I got at stix-n-stitches anniversary sale just waiting for me to cast it on for the DB Cashmere Cabled sweater. Can't wait!!!!

Flower: Calla Lilli, no doubt about that. I carried Purple Calla's down the aisle for my wedding. Comming in second would be Gerbera Daisies, I just love their vibrant colors (they have some great pink ones, two-toned too) and how long they last.

Authors: I read James Patterson, Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones), Sophie Kinsella (the author of the Shopaholic Series), Meg/Meggin Cabot (she wrote some very cute books as well). I love a good mystery, and a cute romance.

Animal: I'm not a big animal lover, I'm allergic to most of them, although I do love kittens. I think when DH and I buy a house I might start getting my allergy shots again so that we can get a dog, he really wants a dog.

Ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip (Breyer's to be exact) but will never eat it again for fear of gaining weight. I do still however eat ice cream, but just not that.

Saying/quote: You know, I can't remember right now, but I'll keep thinking because I know that I do have a favorite quote and saying. So look for updates to this one soon.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday, Oct. 29 - Turn your clocks back 1Hr.

So it's been awhile since I have blogged, so I figured I'd start with the easy stuff. I got to turn my clock back an hour last night, which means I will have an extra hour of sleep for the next couple of months, or at least that's how I view it. I look at the clock and say wow, it's only 9:20, it could really be 10:20 or even better, in the morning when I turn over and it's 5:00am, I can now say YEAH! one more hour of sleep to go instead of having to get up. I know what you are thinking, not very rational. Well, when it comes to my sleep and time, I've never been very rational. So this is how I think, and it helps me pass the day away. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sooooo......It Finally Happened....

I was quite tired last night when I got into bed, but of course, I couldn't get into bed without one of my many knitting projects. Well......I woke up in the middle of the night, and it felt like I was all tangled up in something, but I somehow wrote it off to just being half awake/sleep. Well, when I woke up this morning, as sure as S#*t I was wrapped up in my knitting! Thank Goodness for two things, 1. I was working with Angora, what a wonderful thing to have wrapped around you, and 2. It turned out that I dind't pull out too much, it was just about 6 stitches that I had to re-do, no biggie. Although, I just found out on my way to work is that several rows back, I somehow dropped a stitch, not in the middle of a row which you can sort of pull through, I did a beginners mistake and dropped it at the first stitch of the row. I see frogging in my future!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Loving the Cables Too

I have been working on my cabled hat that Deborah at s-n-s taught me. I switched momentarily from my original hat that I started working on at my birthday since the yarn I used is a little to slippery to practice with, besides I promised my friend Diane a red hat a long time ago. My next project using cables will be a cabled shawl from They also have a store in Darien, CT, which I have not yet been too, but since that is my old stomping ground, I plan on heading up there one of these days to meet Marcia who is the owner, and so far has been absolutely fabulous to me, in person.

I've worked with the Blue Sky Alpca's Bulky before, and just loved it. It knitted up sooo quick, and I'm a slow knitter, I was just so surprised at how quick the sweater I made came along. Now I just need to finish it off, you know, seam it up and block it. But that's ok, I finished pretty much at the end of the winter last year, and it will be perfect for this year. Maybe I'll do that tonight...hmmmmm....I've heard that somewhere before.

Marcia has been so good, she even sent me a little sample of the pattern since I haven't really worked with cables much before so that I can familiarize myself with it, and I just happen to have 1 skein of the Blu Sky left from my sweater to work with. But I can't wait to order the whole thing and begin it, I'm in such a quandary because I just know that DH will kill me when he sees the to avoid death? Something to ponder this evening while I'm swatching for the shawl (just LOVE it), and finishing my sweater. Oh no!!!!! Tonight is NCIS and the Unit, what shall I do? I can;t do anything during NCIS, all my concentration is on the show and all the hotties! hehe! Oh well, I'll figure something out!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

SP9 Questionnaire

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
What yarns are my favorite???? Hmmmmm……That’s a tough one, I really love Debbie Bliss, almost any of her yarns, although I’m not a big fan of her Tweeds that just came out. I love working with almost anything, although pure cotton is a bit difficult for me right now since it has no give, the owner of my LYS thinks that working with the Sugar-n-Cream may have caused some of the pain I have been experiencing in my wrists (aggravated in other words my carpal tunnel). I don’t mind acrylic, but I did a sweater with it, and…..Well, I never fully finished it, not because of the material just because I’m not much into finishing (I have one side to go). I love knitting with big/think yarns; they go much quicker, and being a slow knit, it makes it much more satisfying. I own a few size 15, 17, and 19 needles. I also like knitting with yarn from Schoeller & Stahl, one is called Palma the other is Big Ball. He first one is what I use for my i-pod socks, but need to come up with something else to knit with it because they have the most fabulous colors this year, and the other I use to make baby blankets out of. The baby blankets are a quick knit for me, and actually so are the i-Pod socks since I’ve knitted so many. I like the Malabrigo, I think that is what I am going to use next. I promised an old co-worker of mine that I would knit her a red hat, and so I think I might do it out of the Malabrigo, I’m stealing that idea from Monica ( Enough with my yarn like and dislikes, this has become a short story, sorry about that.

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
At the moment I don’t have anything in particular to store my needles, but I am always on the look out. I did find something last Christmas at my LYS and had it on my “Wish List”, but DH never got a chance to get in to pick it up before the color I wanted was gone.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
I have been a devout knitter for the past year, but have been knitting off and on since I was a child. I have my mother to thank for my knitting, but many others to thank for my skills to be where there are today (Barbara, Sunday, Deborah, and Sheila of course). As for my skills, I would have to say I’m in the beginner to intermediate stages of knitting. I have knitted a few sweaters, and some scarves, and some felted bags. Of course, I have yet to complete something without having to “frog” it. I am just about to learn cables for the first time, and hopefully I too like Monica (callingonkahlo), fall in love with it too as I have some Debbie Bliss waiting to be knit into a wonderful cabled sweater for me. (Debbie herself said that it was such an easy cable pattern that I would be able to do it with no problem) Let’s cross our fingers Debbie!

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
Not really, but I’m working on a few to get everyone ready for Christmas. I’ll keep the site posted as to where I do my wish lists. Right now, I have a small one on Amazon, and then another one on

5. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products, etc.)
I love the scent “Love Spell” from Victoria’s Secret, and also really like “Pear Glace”. I like a lot of the scents from Bath and Body Works, but I really like the “Creamy Coconut”, as that is the closest I can get to coconut do to my food allergy of it. As for candles, I like a lot of different scents, I’m not into things that smell very musky or anything like that, but I like things that have strong scents. I was just recently in White Barn Candles, and they had some great scents that were so strong I loved them. As far as bath items go, I’m allergic to some of the oils and bubbles, so if you’re a pal who’s thinking along those lines, stay away from the bath products.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
I have a sweet tooth, unfortunately, but nothing specific comes to mind, although I do love chocolate and caramel together. No coconut or almonds please.

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
No, I am not a spinner, and I think my husband is very grateful as knitting takes up enough of my time. Every once in a while I pick up my cross stitch, but I’m still on the “stamped” cross stitch stuff, and that’s just fine with me, who needs to do all of the counting and math to figure out the other stuff? Not me.

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
I don’t have a favorite genre of music, I’m a big fan of “Jack FM”, if anyone out there knows that station. It is a national station, so I know that it is in more than just my listening range. It’s considered the i-Pod station, because it plays such a wide variety of music from the 60’s all the way up to today. My computer does play MP3’s.

9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?
I would definitely have to say the color pink is usually in my colorways. I’m also a big fan of purples, and blues, and well green’s. I try to stay away from yellow and orange, just because they don’t look to good on me, but I guess that wouldn’t really stop me from knitting with those colors for other people as I did for my sister with her i-Pod cozy, and other i-Pod cozies I made.

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
I am married to a wonderful, wonderful man, he’s very kind, generous, and sweet hearted. He’s definitely a one of a kind. We definitely have our moments, don’t get me wrong, but for now he’s all of the above. Give me a few days, and they may all turn around, you never know with me. Our living situation isn’t the best at the moment, but we are working through it, and looking to buy a house SOON! We do not have any pets.

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
I would have to say I wear all of the above. Although I am not a big fan of mittens as the technical terms, I much more prefer gloves.

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
I can’t really say that I have a favorite item to knit yet, I’ve worked on so many different projects, although I am up to my third Tie-One-On.

13. What are you knitting right now?
Ok, more importantly what am I not knitting right now.

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?
Who doesn’t like to receive handmade gifts? They are unique and fun, and more important; they were made from the heart just for that special someone. I would have to sat that some of the handmade sweaters I’ve seen come out of my LYS are of much better quality than one’s bout in stores.

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
I use both, but I must say that I definitely do prefer the circulars to the straights, it all depends on the project I’m knitting, but even then I try to go for the circulars. I just love my Denise needles. I prefer bamboo needles over the other options, but I really like the Addi Turbo’s. Although I have heard that the Addi Bamboo are “Terrific”.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
Yes, I own a ball winder and swift.

17. How old is your oldest UFO?
Just about 9mos, since I finished off my mom’s shawl last year when I picked knitting back up, that I started knitting for her 4-5 years ago for her Christmas present. I had to take it back, she didn’t think it was big enough, it needed to wrap around almost double for it to be big enough (OH MY!!).

18. What is your favorite holiday?
I would definitely have to say Christmas, but I do Thanksgiving, it’s the one holiday I spend with my father, and we make a wonderful chestnut stuffing together. It’s become tradition. But this year I will be spending it on a wonderful (first time) cruise with my DH. Let’s not get in to why it’s only the DH, but just makes it much better, since it falls just around our 2yr anniversary.

19. Is there anything that you collect?
I can’t say that I’m a big collectables type of person, I actually called my DH to ask him, and his answer was “YARN!”. LOL. Then he mentioned the Disney teapot collection I have, and now that I think about it, I do have quite a few of those collectible editions Barbie’s. However, I am starting a collection of measuring tapes, I have 1 white sheep, I have the all supreme “Coach” measuring tape, and I have just recently added the black sheep of the family the “Black Sheep”. I keep eyeing up new one’s, as the Yarn Harlot say’s, you can never have too many.

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
I don’t have any subscriptions to knitting magazines, I have thought about it though, but for some reason or another just have held off on it.

21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?
I had been wanting to learn how to cable, and I just learned for the first time last night, although I think I still have a long way to go until I feel comfortable casting on my DB cabled sweater.

22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
I am NOT a sock knitter, and no offense to those of you who are, but “ya’ll must be on something” to be playing with that tiny yarn and all of those tiny DPN’s. Although I have heard from some non-sock knitter’s who have jumped ship, or switched “team’s” as they say on Seinfeld, that it is truly wonderful to do. As for foot measurement’s, does it help by me saying that I wear a size 9 sock from the Gap?

23. When is your birthday? (mm/dd)
Actually, my birthday just passed, it’s September 23……We won’t post the year, that’s a secret for all us ladies to keep to ourselves. Actually, if you read one of my previous posts, you’ll see I threw myself a birthday party this year, it was a knitting party. I invited everyone over to the house for some food and drink, and then all of the ladies went to the yarn shop (Modern Yarn in Montclair, NJ for their knitting lesson) I had to drag others into my world, and what was a better way then to sneakily do it by disguising it as a birthday party. Hehe! All I have to say is that almost everyone has finished their project from that night except for little ol’ slow knitter herself ME!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Peg's Stichin' Birthday

So, every year, as it happens with everyone, I had my birthday. Every year though I get very depressed around my birthday for who knows what reasons, but I do. Some of it having to do with high expectations on my part and not knowing what they are so obviously they can't be met, but this year I was going to be dammed if I was going to let this happen again, so....I threw myself a birthday party. What kind you ask? Well, obviously there was only one choice for me, it was to be a knitting birthday party, and I was going to invite my closest friends and family. I must give you a little backround to this though, the whole party idea came from my 2 little nieces who are absolutely obsessed with my little stuffed animal Baby (read previous posts for where int he world is Baby), and I had told them I was going to knit Baby a sweater, but it never came to fruition. Well, they were so intrigued by me knitting every time I saw them it was "AUNT PEGGY!!!!! can we knit now too". Well, being the novice that I amI was in no position to help them, especially since one of my nieces felt she could do it on her own and needed no help from me. SO I let her have at it with a ball of Sugar and Cream and some needles. (needless to say we got a big ball of mess from that yarn).

Now back to the Party. I invited quite a few people, some who had to travel a far distance to come. And, they all came to celebrate with me and learn my favorite past time. I held a small luncheon at our house catered primarily of course by my employer (Balducci's), and we had absolutely wonderful sandwiches and salads. We also had (there was no doubt it was to be had at my party) cheesecake from Baby Watson/D'Aiuto's, a little shop on 8th Avenue in NYC (the absolute BEST). We also had fruit salad made by the in-laws and some pastries I had added to the end of the order without DH knowing. (hehe) but they were awesome (the lemon bars are out of this worls, no wonder I'm putting on weight working at this place (UhOh!). Ok, now onto the party once again. There were people at the house that would not be joining us for the real party (the knitting that I had arranged at Modern Yarn) with the wonderful Christina and Paige. They were so fab/patient) with my guests, including my two 5 year old nieces and my 1 year old cousin.

Everyone had a blast, thank goodness Monica had her camera, my pics came out horrible, so check out her blog for more on my party and some pics. I had gone into the evening with the thoughts of everyonelearning how to make a hat in some fasion, as I had read in the Yarn Harlots (Knitting Rules) that a hat is the best first project since you can learn all the aspects of knitting, and it's a quick knit as well. Well, everyone had their own thoughts, and some decided to make a scarf, some blankets, and one person (an experienced nitter a bolero). everyone choose some wonderful yarns, and had a blast learning/honeing their skills. My nieces loved soooo much, and my SIL picked it up so well that she had knit two scarves by the end of the week. (she was also knitting for the kids, and using Rowan Biggy Print with size 15 or 18 needles). I'm trying to make myself feel better by posting that last little bit.

Well, I started a hat that evening too, like Monica I was to learn the cable, but being the slow knitter that I am, and also having had this knitting block for so long, I just got to the first round for the cables last night and wonderful Deborah at sns taught me, and then the wonderful Patty was so happy to pull out what I had done since as soon as Deborah walked away I messed the entire row up. Oops! Oh well, that's what "frogging" is for.

Ok, I'm done with this post, onto finishing my questionannaire for Secret Pal 9!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm BLOGGING again!!!!!!

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I've put my fingers to the keyboard for some good blogging, but you must understand, I've also had a little bit of a knitters block to go along with that. Hopefully with a little help from Sunday at s-n-s (I couldn't finish the Debbie Bliss Bolero I was working on), I will be right back into the swing of things, and knitting up a frenzy. Or as much of a frenzy as this slow knitter can knit.

So there is so much to post about, I don't know where to begin. As you see above, I have been working a a DB bolero ( I picked the yarn up while she was here visiting
s-n-s in June) which I was knitting up so quickly, but then just fel I couldn't handle anymore. But hopefully now I'm back! I tried picking up a few dishcloths here and there, but nothing was giving me inspiration. I was still going to the regular Thursday sit-n-knit at Stix, to keep up with everyone thinking I would become inspired, but felt more inspired to watch them do there amazing works of art.

Well, I think I am going to do a seperate post to talk about my superb b-day party that was pulled off with the help of a few friends....keep reading to find out who, or you've already read, and now you've gotten to this! Who knows!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Tie One On - NOT

Ok, so I started my Tie One On from over the weekend, and I got really far. Problem was I dropped a stitch, and it is very, very lacey. What happens when you have 120 stitches on a very very lacey shawl and you are not too far along and you have a dropped stitch you can't pull up to anywhere? Frog it! That's right folks, I frogged it. I then started anew, and ended up having to do it all over again last night, with Deborah's help drom s-n-s . This time instead of having just one dropped stitch, I had several. What a bad knitter I am. Oh well, we decided anyway that it was too lacey, and that I needed to add another yarn to it. I am adding some Maggi's Linen in purple. Won't that just look fab?

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Duck Tour

On Saturday DH and I (that's us together) drove up to my father's house, well DH drove, and I knit and slept. We arrived around 12:30 to find my dad's wife home alone, my dad was off lookinga t an airplane he is thinking of buying, and I'm the one with the expensive hobby. Well, while we waited for my dad to check out his partner sitting in the plane (???) we hung around a spoke with his wife. I spoke about how dorky my dad is, and she defended, no biggie. I get the final say here, my DAD IS A DORK! To prove this I will explain the rest of the day, and our wonderful DUCK tour.

We had lunch and then headed into Boston to meet my brother and SIL. We were to meet outside Copley Square where the tour picks up, so we arrived early (apparently for me to buy a dress, no recolection of this - I just wanted to look or buy if we had extra time). When we arrived at the mall, my DH a little mini-breakdown over what we were doing there, and what were we going to do while there. Shop we all said, or look around said the others (Dad, and wife). He finally calmed down. Well, then he started up again when he realized I was there to SHOP, just a little. I needed a dress from "Loft" for an event, and he was well aware of that. Ok, enough of this....sort of. So Copley Square is huge, and we walked within the malls, as there are 2 seperate sections. One is the Prudential Center, and the other is Copley Place. Well, my dad was all hyped about getting our parking ticket validate, so he made me buy something htat was more than $5, turns out we parked at Copley and bought something at Pru. Oh well. Then, later on he went to buy a coffee, but they couldn't validate his parking so he didn't want any coffee (DORK), we got coffee anyways. So then, he got my SIL to buy candy (for my brother - we all mowed down on it for dessert), the woman validated it, but we couldn't use it because we were over our time limit. Go figure!!

Now on to the Duck Tour. It's a 1 1/2hr land/sea excursion around Boston. It was interesting, we looked up some of the history the guy gave us while on the tour and some of it was inaccurate, but we did find out that we were lucky that these boats weren't built in 1944, as DUCK is an abbreviation, and D stnads for the year the vessel was built, and two years later would have changed it to an "F". Oops! Would have been funny though. All in all, the tour was fun. I enjoyed being with the fam.

After the tour we went to Fugakyu in Brookline for dinner. This happens to be my brother all time favorite restaurant, and also Japanese, if you couldn't tell from the name. I think my brother keeps them in business with the quantity he eats, and also the amount of time he goes there. It's a fun place.

Me Knitting My Waist Band

That's me Friday night knitting instead of packing. Of course my DH was no better, he was on the computer when he took this pic. of me.


Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm Skimping, I'm Skimping

The Yarn Harlot goes on and on about gauging in her book, and that you MUST (notice the word "Rules" in her title) do a proper swatch of 4x4. Well, I can't wait. Although I think I'm going to have to because I need to get part of the pattern from Monica. I just e-mailed, so hopefully I'll get that this weekend, and can "knit on" like a champ.

I CAST ON.......

I started the swatch, I couldn't help myself. When shall I sleep? I know, in the car tomorrow (today) while DH drives using his new little toy, his Magellan GPS. Isn't he the little gadget man? Now he can officially go Geocaching with my father and his wife. Oh lucky him, he gets to go find a toy under a rock somewhere in MA, USA.

I Wil Not Cast On, I Will Not Cast On.........

Oh what shall I do???? I just purchased the most beautiful yarn from sns tonight while at SNK to make both the "Clap" and the Tie One On from I am leaving for Boston to see the "fam" this weekend, and I have yet to pack, and apparently do my husbands laundry. DH is out cold, but deservingly so. Isn't this going to make a beautiful Tie One on??? I think so.

I also purchasd some Classic Silk for the Clapotis in oatmeal. There is a gauge swatch calling my name for this one.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The waistband for my belt - UNFINISHED

So this is the waistband for my sweater...... For some reason, I can't seem to finish it, it is going soooo unbelievably slow. It's all garter stitch, but for some reason the thought of having to do 70" of this is just too overwhelming. I have to finish though, I can't have this done in time for summer and not be able to wear it. I already have two winter sweaters unfinished, and obviously unwearble for another couple of months. Although the thought has crossed my mind to just finish one and wear it. Have I become a true knitter now, or are true knitters those who finish ALL of their projects???

My new mantra "I will finish, I will finish...."

A New i-Pod Sock - and yet no sweater

So this is Nita's i-Pod sock. I started it yesterday afternoon, and am almost finished with it. I just have to block it a little bit more, and then get a button for it. As it was a last minute idea, I didn't have a button in mind.

I love these colors together so much, I'm thinking about keeping it for myself, but I won't. Unfortunately I can't seem to finish anything for myself, but for others it's no big deal. Hmmmm........

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Traffic Rant of the Day

Ugghhh!!! Why does NJDOT think that it's completely ok to shut down major traffic intersections on the weekends? I live somewhat close to Willowbrook Mall in Northern NJ, and on the weekends traffic is horrible, especially around holiday's (i.e. tomorrow being Mother's Day). Every weekend, the lanes to the major intersections are shut down for ONGOING construction. What does ONGOING really mean? Well, what it means is that it will never ever end in my life time, and that's a far time down the road. So, my DH and I did what every other person in NJ was doing, a little last minute shopping. Now who's the dumb one??? We won't go there. The flower shop, just as I expected was backed up out onto the street, so DH couldn't handle that so we pulled a U-Turn, and started back the other way on Route 23, and what did we run into TRAFFIC. So my husband pulled all of these moves, just as men are known to do, and we hit traffic at every turn. We finally hit the mall, and bought our gift. YEAH!!!!!

Now I have to say since I am a knitter, I did have a little stash with me just in case. So that made the ride a little better. The other thing being the DW that I am, was being with my DH that entire time. OK, OK, I'm not trying to get drippy here because this is a RANT, so I say to HELL with NJDOT.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


This is a basket that Sheila from stix-n-stitches put together for the "STARS COME OUT FOR KIDS” event that will be held in Montclair, NJ for the Montclair Community Pre-K. What a great job she did, I couldn't help but post this. She does other baskets for other events, and she will even put one together for you as a gift to someone, as she did for me this past Christmas. She is absolutely wonderful at it, I'm just gushing over this one. You should have seen the one she did to benefit the Revlon Run-Walk this past weekend. WOW.

And NO JAMIE, you still didn't win. But, from my understanding, you'll get another shot at this basket though.



Tie One On (liquor not included)

This is a picture of the Tie One On from, and it is hanging right next to the yarn that I want ot do it in. That georgous "Great Adirondack Yarn Company's - Bahama Mama", that blueish-green. I'm also looking at that pinkish color. Oh YES!!!!

This picture is from my LYS stix-n-stitches


So, at what point did I just go straight past "Go", did not collect $200, and seem to land myself in jail with no get out of jail free cards? That is exactly what you do when you go straight to sweaters from scarves. You pass "Go" without collecting your $200. Where was that person that was supposed to stop me and say, "hey, wait a minute there lady! You just picked up the needles, where do you think you're going?". She/He doesn't exist. In fact, I have run into the exact opposite, "Wow you are "SOOOO Good" already!!" Ok, so maybe the "so" wasn't as big as I thought it was, and I felt more advanced then I really was, but sweaters are not really me just yet. Although, I am almost finished with the sweater that I have posted below. Also please see picture above. I am currently working on the waist band, WHY didn't I read ahead and know that the band was not picked up stitches with ribbing, that it was it's own little freakin' project that I have sew on. SEW I TELL YOU SEW. Flannery, where are you. (My only living, loving, sewing, sister). I still have to knit the darned thing anyways.

Oh well!! On to the next sweater, this one though will be for a baby, my cousins baby. (Oh YEAH!)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

How could I have forgotten to blog about this topic (Cinco de Mayo). I must make a shout out to my work crew, with whom I hung out with last evening. It was a blast!!! We drank, talked, and walked (a lot), and we partied on a roof top on the "Lower East Side" (Go Lisa!! Great party). There was a little bit of knitting talk, primarily about how many bags I carry, and why I have so many projects. Todd's thoughts "Maybe we'll run into a SNB on the side of the road". How cool is he?? My non-knitting frineds don't think I'm that much of a dork, they just think I have issues. Then again, don't we all.

I'm actually on the path of trying to turn my non-knitters into knitters (go Nita, you're almost there!). Lets not forget Richard's "New" Myspace account, He's up and running thanks to Jess.

Saturday Night - Knitting and Surfing

The Sweater I am currently working on (taking forever, I am soooo slow at knitting). I will be done with the sleeves tonight, and will start with the picking up of the stitches tomorrow at s-n-s. I already have 10 other projects going, or on the verge. I am thinking of doing the (WOW just found this looking for the link to the Clapotis Cape May - from Knitty), the Clapotis, something for my cousins daughter out of the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (how could you not), and I'm also thinking of doing the Big Bad Baby Blanket out of some of my Stash (I can actually now say I have a real one). Lest we forget about the dress from "the Knitting Experience" - book 2 - the Purl Stitch) (see cover - I'm doing it in Blue).

Thanks to Calling on Kahlo, I now have a pimp name "Golden Brown Loco", get yours here. I'm also thinking of doing the "Clap" thanks to Monica, hers is just too georgeous to pass up. But, before I start a new project, I might want to finish some of the others that I have on needles, or possibly pulled off needles because I needed them for another project. Hmmm.

There is the:
Shawl - I am in the process of making for a friend of the family (on needles)
Shawl/Mobius - I am making for my mother - was for Christmas, but gave her a scarf I made instead, so this might be for her Birthday (ummmm Don't think so!) (on needles)
Pillow case - Making for a girlfriend ummmmm (most of fist size pulled off, needed the needles, but re-cast on the second side just yesterday morning)
Silk Scarf - Lost the pattern (on needles)
Bag - From "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" (see cover picture, I'm doing grey)
The Sweater for "Baby" - I'm really not a big fan of DPN's.... I have put this on the needles a few times, and it just gets all F*&^ed up
One fingerless glove - For my sisters Christmas present (again damn DPN's) Although, I di finish one, and it looks kinda nice I must say. So, it will keep her half as warm, what do you want? Huh???

This is beginning to depress me. I have two unfinished sweaters, both off needles, just waiting to be finished (sewing up sides and sleeves).

The wine cozy - Was making for someone who I don't get along with anymore, re-gifting it is... (off needles, felted, just waiting to have the handle and buttons sewed on).

Ok, lets not forget the projects that I am supposed to be making for people. Diane asked for a red hat (I made her sister a wine cozy instead for her birthday) Going to buy the yarn tomorrow. My DH asked for a pair of gloves (must be on crack, see line above about knitting with DPN's).

Now some of you might think I have a problem. Well, this isn't a problem, it's FUN, interesting, crafting, creating new friendships, most of all CALMING (except when I'm worring about being so slow, or finishing in time for something, or's calming I tell you, CALMING).