Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A New Idea

I have discovered that there are really 13 days of Christmas, not 12, with the 13th being the day after. Want to know what my true love brings to me on the 13th day? "On the 13th day of Cristmas my true love brang to me a tow truck from the NYPD.......and Lets not forget about the $115 dollar ticket on the windshield." I may be a New Yorker by Heart, but I didn't vote Bloomberg. Although there was that bout when I first moved back to NYC to live with my mom and my car got towed 3 days in a row (ok, so I'm a little slow too). This time it was the DH, he said he read all the signs.

Funny thing is, one of our friends girlfriends (she didn't know what our car looked like) apparently saw it all happen as we were exiting the restaurant.

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