Friday, May 26, 2006

Tie One On - NOT

Ok, so I started my Tie One On from over the weekend, and I got really far. Problem was I dropped a stitch, and it is very, very lacey. What happens when you have 120 stitches on a very very lacey shawl and you are not too far along and you have a dropped stitch you can't pull up to anywhere? Frog it! That's right folks, I frogged it. I then started anew, and ended up having to do it all over again last night, with Deborah's help drom s-n-s . This time instead of having just one dropped stitch, I had several. What a bad knitter I am. Oh well, we decided anyway that it was too lacey, and that I needed to add another yarn to it. I am adding some Maggi's Linen in purple. Won't that just look fab?

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Duck Tour

On Saturday DH and I (that's us together) drove up to my father's house, well DH drove, and I knit and slept. We arrived around 12:30 to find my dad's wife home alone, my dad was off lookinga t an airplane he is thinking of buying, and I'm the one with the expensive hobby. Well, while we waited for my dad to check out his partner sitting in the plane (???) we hung around a spoke with his wife. I spoke about how dorky my dad is, and she defended, no biggie. I get the final say here, my DAD IS A DORK! To prove this I will explain the rest of the day, and our wonderful DUCK tour.

We had lunch and then headed into Boston to meet my brother and SIL. We were to meet outside Copley Square where the tour picks up, so we arrived early (apparently for me to buy a dress, no recolection of this - I just wanted to look or buy if we had extra time). When we arrived at the mall, my DH a little mini-breakdown over what we were doing there, and what were we going to do while there. Shop we all said, or look around said the others (Dad, and wife). He finally calmed down. Well, then he started up again when he realized I was there to SHOP, just a little. I needed a dress from "Loft" for an event, and he was well aware of that. Ok, enough of this....sort of. So Copley Square is huge, and we walked within the malls, as there are 2 seperate sections. One is the Prudential Center, and the other is Copley Place. Well, my dad was all hyped about getting our parking ticket validate, so he made me buy something htat was more than $5, turns out we parked at Copley and bought something at Pru. Oh well. Then, later on he went to buy a coffee, but they couldn't validate his parking so he didn't want any coffee (DORK), we got coffee anyways. So then, he got my SIL to buy candy (for my brother - we all mowed down on it for dessert), the woman validated it, but we couldn't use it because we were over our time limit. Go figure!!

Now on to the Duck Tour. It's a 1 1/2hr land/sea excursion around Boston. It was interesting, we looked up some of the history the guy gave us while on the tour and some of it was inaccurate, but we did find out that we were lucky that these boats weren't built in 1944, as DUCK is an abbreviation, and D stnads for the year the vessel was built, and two years later would have changed it to an "F". Oops! Would have been funny though. All in all, the tour was fun. I enjoyed being with the fam.

After the tour we went to Fugakyu in Brookline for dinner. This happens to be my brother all time favorite restaurant, and also Japanese, if you couldn't tell from the name. I think my brother keeps them in business with the quantity he eats, and also the amount of time he goes there. It's a fun place.

Me Knitting My Waist Band

That's me Friday night knitting instead of packing. Of course my DH was no better, he was on the computer when he took this pic. of me.


Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm Skimping, I'm Skimping

The Yarn Harlot goes on and on about gauging in her book, and that you MUST (notice the word "Rules" in her title) do a proper swatch of 4x4. Well, I can't wait. Although I think I'm going to have to because I need to get part of the pattern from Monica. I just e-mailed, so hopefully I'll get that this weekend, and can "knit on" like a champ.

I CAST ON.......

I started the swatch, I couldn't help myself. When shall I sleep? I know, in the car tomorrow (today) while DH drives using his new little toy, his Magellan GPS. Isn't he the little gadget man? Now he can officially go Geocaching with my father and his wife. Oh lucky him, he gets to go find a toy under a rock somewhere in MA, USA.

I Wil Not Cast On, I Will Not Cast On.........

Oh what shall I do???? I just purchased the most beautiful yarn from sns tonight while at SNK to make both the "Clap" and the Tie One On from I am leaving for Boston to see the "fam" this weekend, and I have yet to pack, and apparently do my husbands laundry. DH is out cold, but deservingly so. Isn't this going to make a beautiful Tie One on??? I think so.

I also purchasd some Classic Silk for the Clapotis in oatmeal. There is a gauge swatch calling my name for this one.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The waistband for my belt - UNFINISHED

So this is the waistband for my sweater...... For some reason, I can't seem to finish it, it is going soooo unbelievably slow. It's all garter stitch, but for some reason the thought of having to do 70" of this is just too overwhelming. I have to finish though, I can't have this done in time for summer and not be able to wear it. I already have two winter sweaters unfinished, and obviously unwearble for another couple of months. Although the thought has crossed my mind to just finish one and wear it. Have I become a true knitter now, or are true knitters those who finish ALL of their projects???

My new mantra "I will finish, I will finish...."

A New i-Pod Sock - and yet no sweater

So this is Nita's i-Pod sock. I started it yesterday afternoon, and am almost finished with it. I just have to block it a little bit more, and then get a button for it. As it was a last minute idea, I didn't have a button in mind.

I love these colors together so much, I'm thinking about keeping it for myself, but I won't. Unfortunately I can't seem to finish anything for myself, but for others it's no big deal. Hmmmm........

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Traffic Rant of the Day

Ugghhh!!! Why does NJDOT think that it's completely ok to shut down major traffic intersections on the weekends? I live somewhat close to Willowbrook Mall in Northern NJ, and on the weekends traffic is horrible, especially around holiday's (i.e. tomorrow being Mother's Day). Every weekend, the lanes to the major intersections are shut down for ONGOING construction. What does ONGOING really mean? Well, what it means is that it will never ever end in my life time, and that's a far time down the road. So, my DH and I did what every other person in NJ was doing, a little last minute shopping. Now who's the dumb one??? We won't go there. The flower shop, just as I expected was backed up out onto the street, so DH couldn't handle that so we pulled a U-Turn, and started back the other way on Route 23, and what did we run into TRAFFIC. So my husband pulled all of these moves, just as men are known to do, and we hit traffic at every turn. We finally hit the mall, and bought our gift. YEAH!!!!!

Now I have to say since I am a knitter, I did have a little stash with me just in case. So that made the ride a little better. The other thing being the DW that I am, was being with my DH that entire time. OK, OK, I'm not trying to get drippy here because this is a RANT, so I say to HELL with NJDOT.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


This is a basket that Sheila from stix-n-stitches put together for the "STARS COME OUT FOR KIDS” event that will be held in Montclair, NJ for the Montclair Community Pre-K. What a great job she did, I couldn't help but post this. She does other baskets for other events, and she will even put one together for you as a gift to someone, as she did for me this past Christmas. She is absolutely wonderful at it, I'm just gushing over this one. You should have seen the one she did to benefit the Revlon Run-Walk this past weekend. WOW.

And NO JAMIE, you still didn't win. But, from my understanding, you'll get another shot at this basket though.



Tie One On (liquor not included)

This is a picture of the Tie One On from, and it is hanging right next to the yarn that I want ot do it in. That georgous "Great Adirondack Yarn Company's - Bahama Mama", that blueish-green. I'm also looking at that pinkish color. Oh YES!!!!

This picture is from my LYS stix-n-stitches


So, at what point did I just go straight past "Go", did not collect $200, and seem to land myself in jail with no get out of jail free cards? That is exactly what you do when you go straight to sweaters from scarves. You pass "Go" without collecting your $200. Where was that person that was supposed to stop me and say, "hey, wait a minute there lady! You just picked up the needles, where do you think you're going?". She/He doesn't exist. In fact, I have run into the exact opposite, "Wow you are "SOOOO Good" already!!" Ok, so maybe the "so" wasn't as big as I thought it was, and I felt more advanced then I really was, but sweaters are not really me just yet. Although, I am almost finished with the sweater that I have posted below. Also please see picture above. I am currently working on the waist band, WHY didn't I read ahead and know that the band was not picked up stitches with ribbing, that it was it's own little freakin' project that I have sew on. SEW I TELL YOU SEW. Flannery, where are you. (My only living, loving, sewing, sister). I still have to knit the darned thing anyways.

Oh well!! On to the next sweater, this one though will be for a baby, my cousins baby. (Oh YEAH!)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

How could I have forgotten to blog about this topic (Cinco de Mayo). I must make a shout out to my work crew, with whom I hung out with last evening. It was a blast!!! We drank, talked, and walked (a lot), and we partied on a roof top on the "Lower East Side" (Go Lisa!! Great party). There was a little bit of knitting talk, primarily about how many bags I carry, and why I have so many projects. Todd's thoughts "Maybe we'll run into a SNB on the side of the road". How cool is he?? My non-knitting frineds don't think I'm that much of a dork, they just think I have issues. Then again, don't we all.

I'm actually on the path of trying to turn my non-knitters into knitters (go Nita, you're almost there!). Lets not forget Richard's "New" Myspace account, He's up and running thanks to Jess.

Saturday Night - Knitting and Surfing

The Sweater I am currently working on (taking forever, I am soooo slow at knitting). I will be done with the sleeves tonight, and will start with the picking up of the stitches tomorrow at s-n-s. I already have 10 other projects going, or on the verge. I am thinking of doing the (WOW just found this looking for the link to the Clapotis Cape May - from Knitty), the Clapotis, something for my cousins daughter out of the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (how could you not), and I'm also thinking of doing the Big Bad Baby Blanket out of some of my Stash (I can actually now say I have a real one). Lest we forget about the dress from "the Knitting Experience" - book 2 - the Purl Stitch) (see cover - I'm doing it in Blue).

Thanks to Calling on Kahlo, I now have a pimp name "Golden Brown Loco", get yours here. I'm also thinking of doing the "Clap" thanks to Monica, hers is just too georgeous to pass up. But, before I start a new project, I might want to finish some of the others that I have on needles, or possibly pulled off needles because I needed them for another project. Hmmm.

There is the:
Shawl - I am in the process of making for a friend of the family (on needles)
Shawl/Mobius - I am making for my mother - was for Christmas, but gave her a scarf I made instead, so this might be for her Birthday (ummmm Don't think so!) (on needles)
Pillow case - Making for a girlfriend ummmmm (most of fist size pulled off, needed the needles, but re-cast on the second side just yesterday morning)
Silk Scarf - Lost the pattern (on needles)
Bag - From "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" (see cover picture, I'm doing grey)
The Sweater for "Baby" - I'm really not a big fan of DPN's.... I have put this on the needles a few times, and it just gets all F*&^ed up
One fingerless glove - For my sisters Christmas present (again damn DPN's) Although, I di finish one, and it looks kinda nice I must say. So, it will keep her half as warm, what do you want? Huh???

This is beginning to depress me. I have two unfinished sweaters, both off needles, just waiting to be finished (sewing up sides and sleeves).

The wine cozy - Was making for someone who I don't get along with anymore, re-gifting it is... (off needles, felted, just waiting to have the handle and buttons sewed on).

Ok, lets not forget the projects that I am supposed to be making for people. Diane asked for a red hat (I made her sister a wine cozy instead for her birthday) Going to buy the yarn tomorrow. My DH asked for a pair of gloves (must be on crack, see line above about knitting with DPN's).

Now some of you might think I have a problem. Well, this isn't a problem, it's FUN, interesting, crafting, creating new friendships, most of all CALMING (except when I'm worring about being so slow, or finishing in time for something, or's calming I tell you, CALMING).

An i-Pod cozy that I am making from S-N-B by Debbie Stoller. This one is being made from Bamboo, and Palma (love the Palma). I am now almost finished!!

My bag (Oops) pre-felted. After Felting, I found a small hole that I can hopefully still repair by felting the bag some more after stitching it up.