Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Quickie!!!

OK, it's 2:30am on Friday/Saturday, November 17/18, and I am still awake. What have I accomplished tonight for my tri that I am leaving for tomorrow? HHHMmmmmm, let's see..ummm, no, ummmm, nope, ummmmm, nope not that either, HHHHHmmmmmmmm, what have I accomplished towards my packing which as always was left for the last freakin' minute. I'm going to go with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, BTW, DH is out cold on the bed with exactly what I have accomplished waiting for him upon his waking, whenever that may be. As for me, I've taken a sleeping pill and plan on being up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn to finish packing. Oops spoke too soon, DH just rolled over and told me to go get laundry out of the dryer to fold.

Off I go...................

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