Monday, April 30, 2007

My First SP10 Package...A little late

I got my first SP10 package from my Secret Pal on Thursday, and I'm just now getting around to taking the pictures and posting. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, I'm a bad spoilee. Now onto the good stuff.

She sent me some wonderful pink (yes my fave color) Bamboo yarn, she says she knows someone who knit a sweater out of it and it was gorgeous, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but there's definitely enough for something good. She also sent me some really cute sticky notes (love the stickies), and with it she had the most AWESOME (I know not proper English, but what the heck I did grow up in the 80's) card, it is a picture of Noro Kureyon all put together in a bunch and the colors look fabulous. I just want to take it all and do the same thing, it's just the vibrant way it should be shown in any good LYS.

Thanks so much SP, you're awesome!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Full Public Disclosure and Commitment

This post is for all to know, and recognize my strength of restraint regarding DH's pillows. I am also publicly declaring for all to know and hear (and if I fail for DH to have a record of this for the lawyers for when he goes on trial for murder) that I Margaret (aka: forgetfulstitcher9) will in no way attempt to experiment with spinning while under the DH imposed yarn "respite". As his pillows are compiled of PURE Italian Sheep's wool, I ummmmmm will in no way steal, borrow, replace (hmmmm) or deplete his pillows, for which he has listed as the one thing that was/is his property to bring into the marriage, and to bring out. This was our only form of a prenuptial, and he wasn't even aware of my soon to be LOVE of knitting.

Loving you always GC!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


BAD.......So, the Dr. (DH) has had the patient (my laptop) in his care for the past going on 3 days now. Apparently the patient will definitely have to be reloaded, and possibly will need it's "brain" replaced (hopefully it's under warranty). My baby (not the stuffed dog) has been with me solidly now for several months, and I am very lonely without....errr....her/him/it....I will be back on soon...HOPEFULLLLLLY........

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away.....

It's raining so hard outside, even though DH and I got up showered and were ready to go to brunch (and I had packed everything to go knitting afterwards), we went downstairs opened the garage door and I stopped dead in my tracks. DH looks at me and says, "What's wrong, what are you thinking???", my response,"I'm thinking I can make you some nice cinnamon raisin french toast right here...". Lets just say there were no arguments on his side as we both dropped our umbrellas on the floor and headed back inside. When the weatherman said 3" of rain and teeming, boy was he serious, N'or Easter is what they predicted, and N'or Easter is what we are getting. He's going to watch his guy shows, and I'm going to knit and listen to some Podcasts.

***There were supposed to be pictures along with this post, but I am currently experiencing "technical difficulties" with my laptop. DH is furiously trying to back up all of the hard drive or I think I might have to jump off the nearest bridge.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Homage de' Flamingo

So my father, usually a very normal kind of guy, always keeps up his lawn (maybe a little too diligently, but none the less it always looks good). One day, he's retired now, I am up visiting him in MA where he now resides, and there are 2 Pink Flamingos on his front lawn. I figure, no way, what the hell are those. I figured his wife, who loves gardening, and putting stuff out for the birds, and keeping her garden pretty had gotten them. But no, my father found them cute and interesting, and reminded him of living in FL (which he and his wife did for 4 months one winter), and that he liked them. Well, the rest of the family have thought him to be quite insane since only weird and old people (and people from FL) put those damn flamingos on their lawn. Instead of discouraging him though, we "fed" his little sickness, and he has gathered quite the little collection, some of which I put together on Easter. BTW, his wife doesn't help either, she went and made the darn things Santa caps to where around Christmas, and he puts lights and decorations on them all year round.

Too Many......

I have too many of those "Special Places", i.e. those plaes you put things beause you'll remember you put it there. I bought something seial for my SP, and like a lot of go figure, small objets, I put it in a special place because I would remember it there beause of what ever reason I used at the time. I have to ome up with a new method, and I can't come up with something, and DH doesn't have an answer either. Any ideas would be greatly appreiated.