Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolutions - some knitting related

I am borrowing this from Kelly, who had some posted on her brand new BLOG.

1. Finish 5 projects before ANY new yarn is purchased (just finished 1, a Malagaiter for my Aunt)

2. MUST completely finish my ummmm 2 UFO's from last winter, and wear them

3. Will try to wake up to my alarm clock (not the feet of DH in my back)

4. Will find and make a HOME for DH and I (wherever that may be)

5. Will make OFFICIAL list of ALL projects currently working on, and that I have yarn for in the hopper (stash - not all stash is ear marked)

6. Will try to limit myself to (forget I even thought of this one!!)

7. Will try to be more patient and understanding (will enforce this with DH to me and my, yes that's it......PASSION)


1 comment:

Kelly said...

So... what did you get at WEBS??? :-) By the way, my kids loved the cookies! Thx.