Friday, October 06, 2006

Peg's Stichin' Birthday

So, every year, as it happens with everyone, I had my birthday. Every year though I get very depressed around my birthday for who knows what reasons, but I do. Some of it having to do with high expectations on my part and not knowing what they are so obviously they can't be met, but this year I was going to be dammed if I was going to let this happen again, so....I threw myself a birthday party. What kind you ask? Well, obviously there was only one choice for me, it was to be a knitting birthday party, and I was going to invite my closest friends and family. I must give you a little backround to this though, the whole party idea came from my 2 little nieces who are absolutely obsessed with my little stuffed animal Baby (read previous posts for where int he world is Baby), and I had told them I was going to knit Baby a sweater, but it never came to fruition. Well, they were so intrigued by me knitting every time I saw them it was "AUNT PEGGY!!!!! can we knit now too". Well, being the novice that I amI was in no position to help them, especially since one of my nieces felt she could do it on her own and needed no help from me. SO I let her have at it with a ball of Sugar and Cream and some needles. (needless to say we got a big ball of mess from that yarn).

Now back to the Party. I invited quite a few people, some who had to travel a far distance to come. And, they all came to celebrate with me and learn my favorite past time. I held a small luncheon at our house catered primarily of course by my employer (Balducci's), and we had absolutely wonderful sandwiches and salads. We also had (there was no doubt it was to be had at my party) cheesecake from Baby Watson/D'Aiuto's, a little shop on 8th Avenue in NYC (the absolute BEST). We also had fruit salad made by the in-laws and some pastries I had added to the end of the order without DH knowing. (hehe) but they were awesome (the lemon bars are out of this worls, no wonder I'm putting on weight working at this place (UhOh!). Ok, now onto the party once again. There were people at the house that would not be joining us for the real party (the knitting that I had arranged at Modern Yarn) with the wonderful Christina and Paige. They were so fab/patient) with my guests, including my two 5 year old nieces and my 1 year old cousin.

Everyone had a blast, thank goodness Monica had her camera, my pics came out horrible, so check out her blog for more on my party and some pics. I had gone into the evening with the thoughts of everyonelearning how to make a hat in some fasion, as I had read in the Yarn Harlots (Knitting Rules) that a hat is the best first project since you can learn all the aspects of knitting, and it's a quick knit as well. Well, everyone had their own thoughts, and some decided to make a scarf, some blankets, and one person (an experienced nitter a bolero). everyone choose some wonderful yarns, and had a blast learning/honeing their skills. My nieces loved soooo much, and my SIL picked it up so well that she had knit two scarves by the end of the week. (she was also knitting for the kids, and using Rowan Biggy Print with size 15 or 18 needles). I'm trying to make myself feel better by posting that last little bit.

Well, I started a hat that evening too, like Monica I was to learn the cable, but being the slow knitter that I am, and also having had this knitting block for so long, I just got to the first round for the cables last night and wonderful Deborah at sns taught me, and then the wonderful Patty was so happy to pull out what I had done since as soon as Deborah walked away I messed the entire row up. Oops! Oh well, that's what "frogging" is for.

Ok, I'm done with this post, onto finishing my questionannaire for Secret Pal 9!!!!

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