Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This Blog should be a lot longer, and about a lot of different things, but my fingers and wrists ache (OY VEY!) and I am starting to feel Yucky. I have lots to say, starting with

My Spoilee..... who bounced a question back to me, now "I" have to make a decision, and I HATE making decisions, so I have decided to go both freakin' ways. Oy! I can't say more because I don't want her figuring me out. All I can say is that I just got her some realllllllly nice freakin' yarn, and I'm thinking about keeping it ALL TO MYSELF! Oh it's just yummy, soft, and gorgeous. I'm jealous over a gift that I haven't even given, so I don't have to, do I?

My horrible experience.... which was now last week, but I still have yet to fully put in writing my VENT about that horrible LYS in Greenwhich, CT Knitting Niche (THEY ARE MEAN, NASTY, and ACTED ATROCIOUS TOWARDS ME) will go more in depth in next blog.

My stupidity... I knowingly (and admittedly) added more stress and more knitting to my already filled, if not over filled knitting calendar. I have 2 baby blankets waiting to be knit 1 baby due in Feb., the other in April, and I found out another one is on the way, so I am already putting together a knitting group to knit one so it is more familial. I was also FINISHED with making ANY CHRISTMAS gifts, but unwittingly agreed with myself that the Malagaiter (I was using rose colored Malabrigo) making for myself in the Brioche pattern was coming out so nicely that I could whip (don't forget I'm a slow knitter) one up for my aunt (using the pennant pleating version - using emerald green), and while I was at it, why not add another one into the mix for her sister. Oh wait don't forget the hat I'm making for a complete stranger that I started yesterday, which is really what got me into this predicament in the first place because it WAS going so quickly that I figured "WHY NOT????)

So, what do I do? I ache, have to go to work tomorrow, must get some sleep, and must rest my appendages. At what point can/does a knitter have too much yarn? Should I put it all together and scare the hell out of my entire family, let alone my DH whom I hope doesn't read this let alone find ALL my stash. I'm such a "dead man walking". I blame Christina for selling me more yarn, my SP for making me decide, and my family for being so needy. Am I leaving anyone out????

Pictures to come......

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Have you gotten the package I sent yet?

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