Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Night - Knitting and Surfing

The Sweater I am currently working on (taking forever, I am soooo slow at knitting). I will be done with the sleeves tonight, and will start with the picking up of the stitches tomorrow at s-n-s. I already have 10 other projects going, or on the verge. I am thinking of doing the (WOW just found this looking for the link to the Clapotis Cape May - from Knitty), the Clapotis, something for my cousins daughter out of the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (how could you not), and I'm also thinking of doing the Big Bad Baby Blanket out of some of my Stash (I can actually now say I have a real one). Lest we forget about the dress from "the Knitting Experience" - book 2 - the Purl Stitch) (see cover - I'm doing it in Blue).

Thanks to Calling on Kahlo, I now have a pimp name "Golden Brown Loco", get yours here. I'm also thinking of doing the "Clap" thanks to Monica, hers is just too georgeous to pass up. But, before I start a new project, I might want to finish some of the others that I have on needles, or possibly pulled off needles because I needed them for another project. Hmmm.

There is the:
Shawl - I am in the process of making for a friend of the family (on needles)
Shawl/Mobius - I am making for my mother - was for Christmas, but gave her a scarf I made instead, so this might be for her Birthday (ummmm Don't think so!) (on needles)
Pillow case - Making for a girlfriend ummmmm (most of fist size pulled off, needed the needles, but re-cast on the second side just yesterday morning)
Silk Scarf - Lost the pattern (on needles)
Bag - From "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" (see cover picture, I'm doing grey)
The Sweater for "Baby" - I'm really not a big fan of DPN's.... I have put this on the needles a few times, and it just gets all F*&^ed up
One fingerless glove - For my sisters Christmas present (again damn DPN's) Although, I di finish one, and it looks kinda nice I must say. So, it will keep her half as warm, what do you want? Huh???

This is beginning to depress me. I have two unfinished sweaters, both off needles, just waiting to be finished (sewing up sides and sleeves).

The wine cozy - Was making for someone who I don't get along with anymore, re-gifting it is... (off needles, felted, just waiting to have the handle and buttons sewed on).

Ok, lets not forget the projects that I am supposed to be making for people. Diane asked for a red hat (I made her sister a wine cozy instead for her birthday) Going to buy the yarn tomorrow. My DH asked for a pair of gloves (must be on crack, see line above about knitting with DPN's).

Now some of you might think I have a problem. Well, this isn't a problem, it's FUN, interesting, crafting, creating new friendships, most of all CALMING (except when I'm worring about being so slow, or finishing in time for something, or's calming I tell you, CALMING).

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Calling Kahlo said...

You don't have a problem, not at all. The sweater is looking gorgeous, you should be so proud! Wool in the woods is yummy!