Saturday, November 04, 2006

My SP9 Wacky Fact

Kerry, my SP9 Host has asked us to post a "random wacky fact" about myself, something that nobody would ever guess about me. As she puts it "The wackier the better." So here goes.

My random wacky fact that no one really knows, nor understands, especially my family members is.......I'm not JUST afraid of the dark, my fear of the dark is more truthfully related to being in a secluded area either outdoors or indoors in a place that has any kind of windows, such as the window in front of most people's kitchen sink. My fear, OK, this is real, but my fear at -- of an age is......I can't believe I'm actually telling people this, but I'm afraid of Michael Meyers from "Haloween", and Jason from "Friday the 13th". Now this is a real and I would have to agree with all of you and say non-sensical, but to me somehow I have made them REAL in my head. I grew up living in NYC, and would go out at 1:00am at 12yrs old, and not be afraid. I would go up to my grandparents in CT, who just happen to live in the middle of the woods in a very open house with lots of glass doors and lots of windows, more than your average home. We would go up there most weekends, and I couldn't sleep, and I didn't have a tv in my room there, which was upstairs (very long windy stairs, nothing you could get u with prowess), so I would stay up late to watch SNL (when it was good). I would sit in the den, my mother would have to promise me that all the doors were locked, and that no one was going to get in no matter what, then she would draw the blinds in the den over the sliding glass door (UGGHHHH!!!!), and then she would place (OMG) a magical blanket over my head so as not to be seen by anyone. OK, even then I new the thing wasn't magical, but I was covered. I would slouch as low as I could in the chair, and watch tv until the fear become too much for me, and I would turn the tv off, and run for my life u the stair and into my bedroom (which also had a sliding glass door). Once in my room, I would get into bed, and cover my head with the blanket and pray that THEY "Michael and Jason" wouldn't be able to detect my presence if they got in.

Ok, how freakin' embarrasing is that story? Well, it doesn't get any better.....When I have to go down into the basement to do laundry, all of the lights are on pull chains, and sometimes it's so dark when I'm going to grab the one by the laundry, and I have to wave my hand in front of me to find it, I always fear that I will actually hit one of them with my hand, or when the light goes on, they will be there. One time just recently my MIL turned the lights off on me in the basement, and I didn't realize it until I turned the laundry switch off, well I started screaming at the top of my lungs for my DH to come and save me. Needless to say, he had to give me tranquilizers to calm me down after that. I couldn't breathe, the fear was sooooo strong. I can tell you right now, I am going to end up having nightmares tonight about this, just thinking about it. OY VEY!

If I can get my hands on one, I'll post a picture of my grandparents house, as well as our house up on the Cape, which again is very open with lots of glass, and you'll see what fear is like.
OK, enough of this. But hey, that's one wacky fact you would never guess.

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