Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So, at what point did I just go straight past "Go", did not collect $200, and seem to land myself in jail with no get out of jail free cards? That is exactly what you do when you go straight to sweaters from scarves. You pass "Go" without collecting your $200. Where was that person that was supposed to stop me and say, "hey, wait a minute there lady! You just picked up the needles, where do you think you're going?". She/He doesn't exist. In fact, I have run into the exact opposite, "Wow you are "SOOOO Good" already!!" Ok, so maybe the "so" wasn't as big as I thought it was, and I felt more advanced then I really was, but sweaters are not really me just yet. Although, I am almost finished with the sweater that I have posted below. Also please see picture above. I am currently working on the waist band, WHY didn't I read ahead and know that the band was not picked up stitches with ribbing, that it was it's own little freakin' project that I have sew on. SEW I TELL YOU SEW. Flannery, where are you. (My only living, loving, sewing, sister). I still have to knit the darned thing anyways.

Oh well!! On to the next sweater, this one though will be for a baby, my cousins baby. (Oh YEAH!)

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Calling Kahlo said...

It looks so pretty! Wow, you did a lot. You will probably finish the ribbing. And think you can now go shopping.