Monday, May 22, 2006

The Duck Tour

On Saturday DH and I (that's us together) drove up to my father's house, well DH drove, and I knit and slept. We arrived around 12:30 to find my dad's wife home alone, my dad was off lookinga t an airplane he is thinking of buying, and I'm the one with the expensive hobby. Well, while we waited for my dad to check out his partner sitting in the plane (???) we hung around a spoke with his wife. I spoke about how dorky my dad is, and she defended, no biggie. I get the final say here, my DAD IS A DORK! To prove this I will explain the rest of the day, and our wonderful DUCK tour.

We had lunch and then headed into Boston to meet my brother and SIL. We were to meet outside Copley Square where the tour picks up, so we arrived early (apparently for me to buy a dress, no recolection of this - I just wanted to look or buy if we had extra time). When we arrived at the mall, my DH a little mini-breakdown over what we were doing there, and what were we going to do while there. Shop we all said, or look around said the others (Dad, and wife). He finally calmed down. Well, then he started up again when he realized I was there to SHOP, just a little. I needed a dress from "Loft" for an event, and he was well aware of that. Ok, enough of this....sort of. So Copley Square is huge, and we walked within the malls, as there are 2 seperate sections. One is the Prudential Center, and the other is Copley Place. Well, my dad was all hyped about getting our parking ticket validate, so he made me buy something htat was more than $5, turns out we parked at Copley and bought something at Pru. Oh well. Then, later on he went to buy a coffee, but they couldn't validate his parking so he didn't want any coffee (DORK), we got coffee anyways. So then, he got my SIL to buy candy (for my brother - we all mowed down on it for dessert), the woman validated it, but we couldn't use it because we were over our time limit. Go figure!!

Now on to the Duck Tour. It's a 1 1/2hr land/sea excursion around Boston. It was interesting, we looked up some of the history the guy gave us while on the tour and some of it was inaccurate, but we did find out that we were lucky that these boats weren't built in 1944, as DUCK is an abbreviation, and D stnads for the year the vessel was built, and two years later would have changed it to an "F". Oops! Would have been funny though. All in all, the tour was fun. I enjoyed being with the fam.

After the tour we went to Fugakyu in Brookline for dinner. This happens to be my brother all time favorite restaurant, and also Japanese, if you couldn't tell from the name. I think my brother keeps them in business with the quantity he eats, and also the amount of time he goes there. It's a fun place.

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Calling Kahlo said...

Sounds nice. I love the Loft, great clothes. The trip sounded great.