Friday, May 12, 2006

My Traffic Rant of the Day

Ugghhh!!! Why does NJDOT think that it's completely ok to shut down major traffic intersections on the weekends? I live somewhat close to Willowbrook Mall in Northern NJ, and on the weekends traffic is horrible, especially around holiday's (i.e. tomorrow being Mother's Day). Every weekend, the lanes to the major intersections are shut down for ONGOING construction. What does ONGOING really mean? Well, what it means is that it will never ever end in my life time, and that's a far time down the road. So, my DH and I did what every other person in NJ was doing, a little last minute shopping. Now who's the dumb one??? We won't go there. The flower shop, just as I expected was backed up out onto the street, so DH couldn't handle that so we pulled a U-Turn, and started back the other way on Route 23, and what did we run into TRAFFIC. So my husband pulled all of these moves, just as men are known to do, and we hit traffic at every turn. We finally hit the mall, and bought our gift. YEAH!!!!!

Now I have to say since I am a knitter, I did have a little stash with me just in case. So that made the ride a little better. The other thing being the DW that I am, was being with my DH that entire time. OK, OK, I'm not trying to get drippy here because this is a RANT, so I say to HELL with NJDOT.

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Calling Kahlo said...

You have to check out the Farmer's Market on Rt 46. They have a great selection of flowers at a fraction of the cost.