Thursday, November 30, 2006

Interim Blog

This is just a quick blog to say hello to everyone!!! I am back from my wonderful cruise with my DH. We had a little bad weather (read between the lines), but other than that I really enjoyed myself. I have some wonderful pictures that I want to share with everyone, and some wonderful stories as well, but I am trying VERY hard to put it all into words (that I am happy with), and I'm doing it day by day because I'm being very anal about my blog lately. I want to make it look better because I am SOOOOO jealous of everyone else's blog that I read. Also, for those of you in the know, or whomever wants to go back and read previous posts, I will be posting a picture of Baby that I took of him at every port we were in, and his days at sea as well as him sitting in his own first class seat on the way down. Ok, so I'm a little crazy, but then again aren't we all a little obsessed with SOMETHING, ahem Yarn for most.

So please keep an eye out for my updated cruise posts. Oh, and yes today is the 30th, so I want to give a shout out to my SP, but I will also send an e-mail to her, as well as my personal SP.

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