Monday, December 04, 2006

The Beginning, or not so Beginning of my Trip

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2006

Ok, so this was to be the first day of our vacation, we were scheduled to leave on a 3:30 flight for Orlando where we were going to meet up with DH’s sister’s family who had left on the 6:30am flight down. We were to spend two days there, and then off to Ft. Lauderdale where the cruise was to start. Well, I had had a very difficult LONG week at work, wasn’t getting home until 9:30 at night, so there was really NO time for packing, and to top it all of, I’m not a good packer either, I usually panic a little, and then pack everything. Well, I didn’t get home Friday until 9:30, got out of work late, and then spent 1hr on the floor at the Port Authority waiting for my VERY delayed bus. I was in no mood to pack when I got home. But, I did what I could before I passed out.

I got up very early on Saturday to finish packing so that we were ready for our 1pm pick up for the airport. Well, let’s say the morning didn’t go so well. I had a nervoud break-down, DH got so flustered and angry with me he broke the laundry basket (we’re still looking for a replica to replace it, it was breaking anyway), he’s not usually like this, but I can get pretty bad in my packing panic mode. Let’s just say I can become a child at this point and sit and cry and scream in the corner. Ummmmm not the highlight of my life, nor one we shall dig too deep into. As if it couldn’t get any worse…I start dry heaving (no food in stomach), not your minor dry heave either. I was praying to die, praying! DH postponed our flight to the later flight figuring we’d be packed, and I’d be all better, he figured the dry heaves were from my hysteria, which I agreed with. Well, when it was time to go for the next flight I had my head in the toilet crying hysterically that I would get on the plane no matter what. DH postponed the flight once again, and we were scheduled (I did) on the Sunday morning flight at 6:30am (was I on crack when I did that?).

Sunday….DH and I are packed and ready to go to the airport, we decided to drive ourselves and park in the cheapy-peepy off-site parking lot (normally I would have no issues) DH was driving, and we’ll just get to the short and sweet of it, we had a full out argument, I almost killed him with my bare hands, and we ended up missing out flight. Thankfully there was another one 45mins later that had room for us still in first class. Well, alls well that ends well is what I say. Everything went off without a hitch after that. We got to Orlando, and got our rental car, we got a nice little Jeep Liberty, looked like someone had gone off-roading with it, and every time we put the drivers window down (tolls) there was such a high squealed noise I thought my teeth would crack. We really couldn’t do anything but laugh at this point.

We got to the hotel, and checked in, we tried to be near his sister, but that was not to be the case. The hotel was more like time shares, so they were set up in several buildings on a 2-3 acre property (Baby at the Hotel), we were on one side, and they were on the other. We got into the room spoke with his sister and met them at the pool. Or twin nieces were so cute when we got there just yelling for us, and couldn’t wit to hug us and go into the pool. They had to leave a little early as the girls had appointments to get their hair done like princesses in Downtown Disney. We met them later in the day for dinner, and an evening on the town Disney style.
When we met up with them the girls looked just gorgeous, how they sat still to get their hair done is just shocking. We had dinner and then we hurried along to the Disney hotel, The Wilderness Lodge, where they do a movie and a campfire every night. Not what I was
expecting, but quite interesting none the less. The girls loved it, and so did all the adults, we got to roast marshmallows and eat smores!! DH and I left them after that and headed back to the hotel, and let’s just say I wasn’t fully over whatever I had had the day before, and the Smores put me over the edge. OY!!!

Monday we got up nice and early, and had a pleasant drive to the airport with our squeaky window. We got there nice and early, just like we both like (we were made for each other), got on the check-in line and we both thought (we are never going to get our bags through without paying the extra fee for overweight bags), but the guy we had was REALLY nice. We were flying Spirit airlines, which (I know I’m a snob) I would normally never fly, but we got a GREAT deal $60 per person from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale (and it turns out we were in 1st class - see Baby had his own seat too!), so two out of our three bags were overweight as we knew from the flight down to Orlando (but I’m a Continental Elite member, so they don’t care), but the guy said oh just move something to another bag, and since you are premium customers, it’s no big deal. WOW, and I thought we were going to get stuck with a $50 charge for our luggage, I’m trying to pack lighter, it’s just not working.


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