Friday, May 26, 2006

Tie One On - NOT

Ok, so I started my Tie One On from over the weekend, and I got really far. Problem was I dropped a stitch, and it is very, very lacey. What happens when you have 120 stitches on a very very lacey shawl and you are not too far along and you have a dropped stitch you can't pull up to anywhere? Frog it! That's right folks, I frogged it. I then started anew, and ended up having to do it all over again last night, with Deborah's help drom s-n-s . This time instead of having just one dropped stitch, I had several. What a bad knitter I am. Oh well, we decided anyway that it was too lacey, and that I needed to add another yarn to it. I am adding some Maggi's Linen in purple. Won't that just look fab?

1 comment:

Diana said...

That's wonderful that you will attempt lace knitting.... it frightens me.

Some people put in a "safety line" when their knitting lace. So if they frog, they don't end up frogging the whole darn thing.