Thursday, November 30, 2006

Interim Blog

This is just a quick blog to say hello to everyone!!! I am back from my wonderful cruise with my DH. We had a little bad weather (read between the lines), but other than that I really enjoyed myself. I have some wonderful pictures that I want to share with everyone, and some wonderful stories as well, but I am trying VERY hard to put it all into words (that I am happy with), and I'm doing it day by day because I'm being very anal about my blog lately. I want to make it look better because I am SOOOOO jealous of everyone else's blog that I read. Also, for those of you in the know, or whomever wants to go back and read previous posts, I will be posting a picture of Baby that I took of him at every port we were in, and his days at sea as well as him sitting in his own first class seat on the way down. Ok, so I'm a little crazy, but then again aren't we all a little obsessed with SOMETHING, ahem Yarn for most.

So please keep an eye out for my updated cruise posts. Oh, and yes today is the 30th, so I want to give a shout out to my SP, but I will also send an e-mail to her, as well as my personal SP.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hope This is in English.....

I am currently on day 5 of my 7 day cruise, and I have 30mins to use the internet, so I figured I´d blog real quick. This is only a small one, my day to day will be coming up next week.

So, I´m in Costa Maya Mexico, and I just did an ATV beach tour. My DH had a blast, and I had fun as well. I´m looking forward to getting home, but I´m also having a wonderful time alone with my DH. I´m getting some knitting in, not as much as I thought I would, but no biggie, I´m still having fun. I don´t know what mor eto write about because then it would make my every day posts when I can do that boring. But I´ll give you a little teaser....

DH and I have finally given up on vacationing in the carribean any time during the month of November. I´m not even sure if we should ever try it again, but hey, who know´s. I am on land, but I swear I think I might be moving, or maybe it´s the screen. OY VEY! Anyone out there here of the Noro Virus, so

OK, well I´m off back to the boat. Eeryone cross your fingers for sun tomorrow, or maybe Sunday, Sunday could be good too. Oh well...

Ciao to all my readers, or should I say aidios.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Quickie!!!

OK, it's 2:30am on Friday/Saturday, November 17/18, and I am still awake. What have I accomplished tonight for my tri that I am leaving for tomorrow? HHHMmmmmm, let's see..ummm, no, ummmm, nope, ummmmm, nope not that either, HHHHHmmmmmmmm, what have I accomplished towards my packing which as always was left for the last freakin' minute. I'm going to go with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, BTW, DH is out cold on the bed with exactly what I have accomplished waiting for him upon his waking, whenever that may be. As for me, I've taken a sleeping pill and plan on being up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn to finish packing. Oops spoke too soon, DH just rolled over and told me to go get laundry out of the dryer to fold.

Off I go...................

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oddity for today......Wednesday

I have decided that I am going to post an oddity of the day as often as I possibly can, I think it might be interesting for people to get to know me, and how utterly WEIRD I am. Sooooo, with no further a-do, my "Oddity of the day is........." I am a closet Niel Diamond fan. My DH got me hooked on that Saving Silverman movie,which was an absolute riot, well after at least the 50th time my DH had me watch it. But, I just love the song "BROTHER LOVE'S TRAVELING SALVATION SHOW". I just love it so much, I used to do karaoke IM with my DH and friends, and of course on the drunk bus home from a night out in the city I'm blaring it on the i-Pod singing aloud (very loud). I am urrelty listening to him to destress, it was a hard day today

Oh, 1 more thing

I just bought another 5 pair last night, just special for my cruise next week.

Ummmmm....... Odditiy of the Day

My DH would be very angry if he knew I was airing my dirty......well actually clean just recently by my DH) laundry in public like this. I have this, I'd have to call it "affliction" that causes me to ummm how would you put it? Not do laundry. Well, for 8 LONG years, I lived in an apartment that had no laundry facility, therefore I had to go to the laundromat to do my laundry. Well, during these LONG years (oh and I lived in a 3rd floor walk-up), I came to realize that doing laundry at the laundromat really sucked because it took at least 2hrs from start to finish. Well, on to the dirty..ummm clean little secret that I usually hide from all....I own enough underwear that I don't have to do laundry, if I wanted for well over 1 month. You see, the Gap always has this deal for my favorite pair, 5 for $20, how can ONE go WRONG???? In my opinion I have beat the system. My DH just thinks I'm crazy!!! And your opinion is????????

This is only a portion of my collection....... (from the "Light" collection)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My SP9

I can't say too much just in case my SP comes accross this Blog and reads it, but that would be highly unlikely since I don't think anyone really reads my blog. BUT...I sent her a questionnaire so that I could get to know her a little better, and one of the questions she answered made my teeth shatter when they hit the floor. Apparently, she is a GEEK like I am, I thought I was the only person in the world that liked this one thing, and her answer to the question I posed just made me totally freak out. I started yelling into my DH who was shaving at the time, "Honey, HONEY, you will never GUESS, my SP and I like both like XXXX (don't want to give any hints, ust in case she reads me). His response, "ohhh cool....". Men and their diinterest in our knitting until it come to paying the bills, and then they are all over us.

I am heading on vacation next week, and needed to stop by the mall tonight to pick up some things from the Gap, and wanted to pick up something from Sephora or Bath and Body Shop. When I told my DH that I technically didn't have to go to Sephora, that I ad enough lotion to ge tme through, that my real intention was to buy for my SP, he was lik, " you have to buy gifts???", and I said, "YEAH, that's what SP os all about, I explained that to yo over and over. DUH!! Again, Men!! I decided to go back with her list so I am exactly sure of the scents and things she likes. I want to be a good SP, that's just my nature, I love spoiling people.

Think this is the GIG for me?

Ok, on to new posts!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hats, Hats, and more Hats

I am currently in the process of knitting 2 cable hats simultaneously, and have several more planned to do prior to Christmas. I am quickly knitting a BLUE one for a friend, but no names listed as I don't want people to know there gifts before receiving them. I am knitting my Irish walking hat that will match my scarf, and then I have hats planned for the following people:

  1. Ruthie (my 3yr old step-sis) being made out of Pink Pure Merino (she loves Pink)
  2. Lili (my other 3yr old step-sis - twins) being made out of Purple Pure Merino (she love Purple)
  3. My FIL (I was suposed to do this last yr - Oops, so this is actually my oldest WIP, but technically not since I never started it to begin with) a blueish black tweed cascade 220
  4. I can't think of anyone else, but I'm sure someone else will get a hat too.

Below is a pic of one of the hats in progress. I'm a bit further along than in this picture, I'm actaully close to switching to the DPN's to finish it off. Yeah!!

Addicted Knitter

I have recently introduced my 5yr old niece to knitting, and she is now absolutely addicted to it. She doesn't really get it, nor will she accept my instruction as she's very persistent that she knows how to do it herself. She is always asking to knit, and won't listen to my advice. It's too funny. She asks every time she comes over, and wants her own needles and yarn to do it, then she asks for the "book" Stitch 'N Bitch, as she puts it "I need it because I don't know exactly how to knit yet". So I give her a set of needles, yarn and the "book", and let her sit and play. I just love her. Her twin sister isn't as into it as she is, it gets boring to her. How cute are they, unbelievably adorable!

Another KAL

Hey! I've joined another knit along, go figure this one with cables. I have so gotten into them, everyone I know, except for DH is getting something knitted with cables. The only reason he's not, is that he doesn't want me to knit him anything, he doesn't wear things like scarves so there. Ok, back to knitting, plus acking, cleaning, work, and preparing for a lot of other things. Will post more later, including tons of pictures

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My SP9 Wacky Fact

Kerry, my SP9 Host has asked us to post a "random wacky fact" about myself, something that nobody would ever guess about me. As she puts it "The wackier the better." So here goes.

My random wacky fact that no one really knows, nor understands, especially my family members is.......I'm not JUST afraid of the dark, my fear of the dark is more truthfully related to being in a secluded area either outdoors or indoors in a place that has any kind of windows, such as the window in front of most people's kitchen sink. My fear, OK, this is real, but my fear at -- of an age is......I can't believe I'm actually telling people this, but I'm afraid of Michael Meyers from "Haloween", and Jason from "Friday the 13th". Now this is a real and I would have to agree with all of you and say non-sensical, but to me somehow I have made them REAL in my head. I grew up living in NYC, and would go out at 1:00am at 12yrs old, and not be afraid. I would go up to my grandparents in CT, who just happen to live in the middle of the woods in a very open house with lots of glass doors and lots of windows, more than your average home. We would go up there most weekends, and I couldn't sleep, and I didn't have a tv in my room there, which was upstairs (very long windy stairs, nothing you could get u with prowess), so I would stay up late to watch SNL (when it was good). I would sit in the den, my mother would have to promise me that all the doors were locked, and that no one was going to get in no matter what, then she would draw the blinds in the den over the sliding glass door (UGGHHHH!!!!), and then she would place (OMG) a magical blanket over my head so as not to be seen by anyone. OK, even then I new the thing wasn't magical, but I was covered. I would slouch as low as I could in the chair, and watch tv until the fear become too much for me, and I would turn the tv off, and run for my life u the stair and into my bedroom (which also had a sliding glass door). Once in my room, I would get into bed, and cover my head with the blanket and pray that THEY "Michael and Jason" wouldn't be able to detect my presence if they got in.

Ok, how freakin' embarrasing is that story? Well, it doesn't get any better.....When I have to go down into the basement to do laundry, all of the lights are on pull chains, and sometimes it's so dark when I'm going to grab the one by the laundry, and I have to wave my hand in front of me to find it, I always fear that I will actually hit one of them with my hand, or when the light goes on, they will be there. One time just recently my MIL turned the lights off on me in the basement, and I didn't realize it until I turned the laundry switch off, well I started screaming at the top of my lungs for my DH to come and save me. Needless to say, he had to give me tranquilizers to calm me down after that. I couldn't breathe, the fear was sooooo strong. I can tell you right now, I am going to end up having nightmares tonight about this, just thinking about it. OY VEY!

If I can get my hands on one, I'll post a picture of my grandparents house, as well as our house up on the Cape, which again is very open with lots of glass, and you'll see what fear is like.
OK, enough of this. But hey, that's one wacky fact you would never guess.

My Knitting Bag - LOVE IT

I've had this for awhile, but finally remembered to take pics and post them.

My knitting Nook

Don't worry, this is not ALL of my stash, I haven't been able to move it all yet, besides some of what I'm hiding from DH

Although I haven't been using it recently, I've been knitting a lot sitting in bed, kinda like tonight, but blogging.

My Malabrigo

Irish Walking Hat in Progress

I just LOVE how the cables are SO defined. And I'm doing it!

My favorite Measuring Tapes - GEEK ALERT

So I'm taking pictures up the yin-yang today, but I've finally decided I've got to do my Blogging, especially since it was on my To Do list from yesterday (Check), and I had to post pictures since I haven't in like forever. But here are my two sheep, I had to get both, I didn't want to seem prejudiced and get only the white one, besides I'm the black sheep in my family, why not have one of my own. LOL!

OK, my favorites, BUT I MUST get more. My 2 sheep, and my all famous Coach edition, which it seems they don't sell anymore, unless it's an in store only item. I got mine in the Soho store. Aren't I such a brat!

My Knitting Marsupial Pouch

This is my IWH in it's little pouch that I knit from, you have to love it!

This is me wearing my jacket that has the pouch, isn't that just AWESOME, or am I a geek?

A little late - 1 of my B-day presents

I should have posted this along time ago, but never did. My wonderful friend Monica got me for my birthday. Her DH Ben picked out the mug, isn't that just awesome! Everything she got me was/is awesome. I am sitting here blogging and watching the Elizabeth Zimmerman DVD. She also got me so stitch markers you can't really see, they spell ot KNIT, and she also got me some really cool glass buttons, and some kitschy things as well, Wash Away your Sins Breath Spray, and It's not PMS, it's you gum. LOL. Oh, let me not forget the Lantern Moon project bag in a gold with a pink hue to it. LOVE the pink!

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures

This is the first cable project I ever did. I made this hat for my friend Diane. It's a modified version of the basic cables hat in Stitch N' Bitch Nation. It's not as drastic as I like cable wise, but it's more than she was expecting, and I think better loking than what she was expecting. I think she'll be very proud to wear this, she's such a good friend, she said that she would wear a hat exactly like on that I made ans SOOOOOOO messed up. God friends are so nice to have. Love all you guys!! Thanks for everything.

Friday, November 03, 2006

My FIRST cabled project

I finally, only a few boo-boo's (I corrected on my own!!!!!!), finished my first, well second really, cabled project. I knit a wonderful hat for my friend Diane. I say second only because I had started a different hat at my B-Day party, but it was with a bumpy (not sure of exact terminology) silk that was hard to cable with, and wasn't showing them very drastically. Well, I changed (I'm going to frog it and do another hat), and I love it. So soft.

OK, picture to come, I'm on the laptop, and DH is on the computer with the camera cord connected, on top of needing to take the picture. OK, I'm off to take pictures since I have a lot to post.

Irish Hiking Scarf

OK, so I'm a little disappointed, I've finally joined a KAL, but cannot actually post to the site or be official since I (like a moron) switched my account over to Blogger Beta. What was I thinking? I'm always yelling at DH for doing things like that, and the first chance I got, what do I do???...Switch. And on top of that, I don't think I am getting anything out of it either. UGGHHHH!!! Although, I must say, unlike DH, I wasn't downloading "non-approved" software to my brand new cell phone. Yes, you read that right, he wanted to install MS software on his phone that was still undergoing trials with Verizon, but had made it to all the Geek sites before release. Of course he read that OTHER people had done it successfully, so it should be fine. I said, "Don't do it, you'll be sorry." I was right, down went his phone, and that was right before he remembered that he hadn't backed it up, so there went all is info too. MEN, you've gotta love them. He's always talking about things like this, and I obviously bring this back up, and he now reconsiders, YES! But, it's the fact the he even thinks about doing these types of things again. LMAO!

OK, this post was to be about me and my IHS. So, I have decided to go with a wonderful Grayish-pink Malabrigo. Must post picture next (well, take picture first). I've actually started, and am almost finished with the matching hat, the Irish Walking Hat. I'm so excited about how it's turning out, (again must post picture).

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Do to the very sincere threat from DH that he would CRASH my Blog if I posted his Haloween Pics., there will be no pics of "Three Men in a Tub" except for this link: Three men in a Tub.

DATELINE NEW YORK: Haloween 2006

October 31, 2006: This just in........ IT Geek from Betsey Johnson wins Best Overall Costume in Employee Costume Contest. This years theme, Mother Goose.

That's right folks, my DH won best costume, at the same time losing some friends, while winning the company's costume contest. He was dressed as the Baker from "3 Men in a Tub". He wore a bakers outfit, had a ducky tub around his waist, and put photos of the Candlestick Maker, and the Butcher beside him, held up with cardboard. I'm so proud of him, it's great. His prize? 1 vacation day and a Godiva Chocolate Cat.

keep looking, photos to come.....