Sunday, April 29, 2007

Full Public Disclosure and Commitment

This post is for all to know, and recognize my strength of restraint regarding DH's pillows. I am also publicly declaring for all to know and hear (and if I fail for DH to have a record of this for the lawyers for when he goes on trial for murder) that I Margaret (aka: forgetfulstitcher9) will in no way attempt to experiment with spinning while under the DH imposed yarn "respite". As his pillows are compiled of PURE Italian Sheep's wool, I ummmmmm will in no way steal, borrow, replace (hmmmm) or deplete his pillows, for which he has listed as the one thing that was/is his property to bring into the marriage, and to bring out. This was our only form of a prenuptial, and he wasn't even aware of my soon to be LOVE of knitting.

Loving you always GC!!!!

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