Thursday, April 12, 2007

Homage de' Flamingo

So my father, usually a very normal kind of guy, always keeps up his lawn (maybe a little too diligently, but none the less it always looks good). One day, he's retired now, I am up visiting him in MA where he now resides, and there are 2 Pink Flamingos on his front lawn. I figure, no way, what the hell are those. I figured his wife, who loves gardening, and putting stuff out for the birds, and keeping her garden pretty had gotten them. But no, my father found them cute and interesting, and reminded him of living in FL (which he and his wife did for 4 months one winter), and that he liked them. Well, the rest of the family have thought him to be quite insane since only weird and old people (and people from FL) put those damn flamingos on their lawn. Instead of discouraging him though, we "fed" his little sickness, and he has gathered quite the little collection, some of which I put together on Easter. BTW, his wife doesn't help either, she went and made the darn things Santa caps to where around Christmas, and he puts lights and decorations on them all year round.

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