Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away.....

It's raining so hard outside, even though DH and I got up showered and were ready to go to brunch (and I had packed everything to go knitting afterwards), we went downstairs opened the garage door and I stopped dead in my tracks. DH looks at me and says, "What's wrong, what are you thinking???", my response,"I'm thinking I can make you some nice cinnamon raisin french toast right here...". Lets just say there were no arguments on his side as we both dropped our umbrellas on the floor and headed back inside. When the weatherman said 3" of rain and teeming, boy was he serious, N'or Easter is what they predicted, and N'or Easter is what we are getting. He's going to watch his guy shows, and I'm going to knit and listen to some Podcasts.

***There were supposed to be pictures along with this post, but I am currently experiencing "technical difficulties" with my laptop. DH is furiously trying to back up all of the hard drive or I think I might have to jump off the nearest bridge.

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