Monday, June 11, 2007

I've Been Tagged....AGAIN!

by Sue , Luciana , and just today Covered in Yarn. Now I have to write 7 random facts about me, and then tag another 7 people (suckers, how do I find them though?). I will ponder on whom I shall tag since most people I know have been tagged. Check out random fact #7.

1) I think it best that I start this off with the first step, admitting that I have a problem. I am addicted to the video Evolution of Dance, on youtube. Now what are the next steps you ask? The next steps are not in my control since I have now gotten my nieces and their father into it. With ourWII, we can actually all watch it on the TV together. My nieces get into it so much that I can't control myself from letting them watch it. The guy who came up with that dance is so amazing, he hits all the music over the last several decades, and not just got the music or the dance, but if their is a video, he got the move from that down too.

2) DH and I have been married for almost 3 years, and we have yet to do our professional photo albums yet. That being said, we have this one photo of us that everyone in our family thinks is the best photo of the two of us, and it's not a professional photo, the picture was taken by our Uncle Mike. The photo is of the two of us after the ceremony in front of the limo, just having had taken a sip of the champagne that was supplied to us by the limo company, and the picture was snapped as both of us had this twisted look on our faces as we spit it back into the glasses. It's so perfect because we both have the same expression and are looking directly into each other's eyes without realizing what the other was doing.

3) I have a couple of phobias (doesn't everybody?) I hate anything that crawls, creeps or has more than 4 legs. I have been so bad with spiders that I have been rendered incapable of movement or speech when confronted by a particularly nasty one. I am afraid of elevators, not just a few floors, but were talking Empire State tall. I just have this fear that it's going to just fall and well, you know that tragic end. I have such this fear of high elevators that I even dream of falling in them, which just enforces my daytime fear.

4) I have about 10 movies in my repertoire that I switch between, but I watch them over and over and over again. I have now gotten to "that point" where DH wants to kill me when we watch things together because I say the words before the actor does. I think it's funny. ;)

5) I have a very nasty temper, yes, sweet lil' ol' me. My temper is very slow to burn, and usually burns for injuries, insults or injustices to my friends or family etc. rather than myself, but when it burns; watch out. When I'm angry I can be the queen of put downs, and my tongue is definitely my best (or worst) weapon. I can give a thrashing that would put "Mommy Dearest" to shame (and like her, NO METAL HANGERS).

6) I LOVE music, not just your regular ol' love, but LOVE. I don't just listen, but I feel the music going through me. I enjoy music so much that it can help change my mood. When I'm depressed I listen to certain songs and I get that "vibe", that feeling that things can feel better.

7) OK. Random? Yes. Has it just become severely obvious? Ummmm YES. I apparently am not good at things like this. I received this quite awhile ago, but just now am getting around it after having been tagged by so many people. Maybe my overall goal is to "BE" thetaggee by 7 people, and not be the tagger. Random facts I'm not very good at unless I give a lot of thought, and these days all thought revolve around my NEW J-O-B, yes, I wrote that correctly. I am gainfully employed.

OK, on to tagging people, if I can. BTW, I am currently listening to my "WII" mix which is currently playing Come on Eillen by Dexie's Midnight Runners (did I just truly age myself?).


Covered In Yarn said...

I am not a zit popper, but my husband is. I think that they hurt, so I just leave them alone.

Sue H said...

I can so totally agree with you on the spider thing, and you sound so like me with the slow to burn anger and the sarcastic put downs........I was known as the Queen of Sarcasm in on chat room, but in that case it was in a nice way. hehe.

Mary McK- said...

I am so glad I read the fact that you still haven't put your wedding album together after 3 years, the husband and I are quckily approaching a year and still haven't even begun to pick out the photos from the trillion we have on cd. It's always so nice to come across a fellow procrastinator=>