Tuesday, June 12, 2007

L&V Secret Swap - My Angel

I was paired up with an Angel by the hostesses of the L&V swap. I was paired up with Ellen who sent me the most fabulous package, which of course I just ripped right into without taking pics. But I did take a pic of all the little goodies she sent inside (see below). She sent me four hanks of this wonderful wool called "purple haze" it looks just like it sounds, smokey black with purple-glittery coloring. She sent me some gorgeous roving (instructions with it to make a silk scarf), which I will actually do for the first time ever (why not, I've been given a door, and I shall open it), besides, it gives me something new to try and also to purchase which is not on the DO NOT PURCHASE list mandated by DH (which I was given a little leeway with since sale yarn doesn't count...thanks honey!). There was also a hank of Socks that Rock in "Cotton Candy", it is totally my colorway. There was also a knitting journal that is based on Elizabeth Zimmerman. She also included some yummy chocolates, which I am going to savor until I loose a few more pounds, which I am doing now that I am gainfully employed. YEAH!

I am so very grateful to Ellen, and my hostesses at L&V PrOn Exchange.



Calling Kahlo said...

That is one sweet package. I think the STR is the perfect colorway for you, Ms. Pretty in Pink. I am dying to see the EZ journal.

Knitting Mama said...

That STR colorway is gorgeous!