Saturday, June 02, 2007

Die Moth Die!!!!!!!

OMG, OMG!!!!!! Last night I went into the den, and there was a freakin' moth. I started freaking out and screaming and yelling as I tried to swat it to death. I took my SP's yarn which was in there, even though it's cotton, I stuck it i the freezer, and will take it out on Monday. You can never be overly cautious with something like that. I didn't get it, so after putting the yarn in the freezer, which I told my MIL to just disregard as my idiosyncrasy. She was like whatever, and laughed. But, getting back to the point, I waited for the thing to come out again, and chased it down into the closet that is there, and started swatting this magazine around, and finally I got the little bugger. But to be on the safe side, I had some cedar spray in the den, I need to spray my hangers for my wool coat, but i sprayed the entire closet repeating the statement "Die buggers Die!!!"

I am one of those people who is so freakin' overly cautious, I have cedar blocks and these lavender scented moth replant pouches all over my room to keep the nasty creatures out. Once DH and I get our house, I am going to get cedar chests, and maybe even a nice cedar closet in the basement of wherever we may roam. Wish me luck!


Knitting Mama said...

I'm not a bug fan. I hate bugs & spiders. I'd have had my hubby take care of it! LOL

Ina said...

The horror, the horror!

Did you get a good look at the winged beastie whilst it was perching? If its wings formed a triangle, your stash is probably OK. But if the beastie was silvery and its wings furled closely around its body like a cigar, it's time for full panic mode.

Good luck!

Sue H said...

How is the house hunting going?