Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Summer Knit List

Below is a list of goals some of which I need to finish and some I would like to finish this summer. This is for the contest being run on skeins her way blog, but also is a nice way of letting me know what my goals and objects are vis-a-vis knitting this summer.

  1. Finish Monkey Socks
  2. Finish Baby blanket for soon to be niece
  3. Finish Baby blanket for soon to be cousin
  4. Jaywalkers
  5. Baby raglan
  6. Finish "A Cardigan for Arwen"
I do have some other items on the needles, and if I can tackle any of those too it will just be extra. I am also putting in writing that I will not (except for my socks, as there are two of those) cast-on for any new projects this summer. No matter how difficult this last task may be, I must stick to it, this is also the most important thing for me to do (or not to do) this summer.

If you get to this contest through my link, please let her know that it was from my blog (, so that I too can get some extra credit. I got to this contest from Knit and Purl Mama

Good Luck All!!!


Diana said...

Good luck to you too! I've already entered the summer knitting contest.

forbidden knitter said...

Gosh you are going to be a very busy knitter! I have come up with a knit-along idea which I'll develop in the next few days, watch my blog to find out more!

By the way the man on my blog is my brother-in-law, I might keep your comment to myself!

forbidden knitter said...

Hello again, I just tagged you for the MeMe test, check my blog to find out more.

Calling Kahlo said...

Looks like a good list. I can't wait to see the finished Arwen.