Friday, May 25, 2007

Second SP Gift

I got home this evening to find a package from my SP waiting for me. As this has been a tough week for me, I couldn't wait to get upstairs and open it. As I cut open the box, I was filled with excitement to see what was inside. There was a note inside from her that was very sweet, the package was so nice, there were 5 little wrapped gifts inside (sorry, I didn't take pics). As I unwrapped everything, I got more and more excited. The first thing I opened was a box to hold my DPN's in, then I opened a nice travel candle Apple Strudel scented, then I opened some wonderful pink Karabella Gossamer (2 balls), so awesome, it's enough, if not more than enough to make a wonderful shawl out of. Then I opened some gorgeous pink stone stitch markers, then she also sent me this really cute pink striped ring that I can't wait to wear out.

Thank you Soooo much SP, I can't wait to know who you are to thank you even better.

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Calling Kahlo said...

That's a beautiful package. I loved the Karabella and the DPN holder. Very nice and so nice to have you back!