Saturday, March 03, 2007

OK, So I'm a Geek!!!

I am at home (willingly, DH is out on the town doing well the Irish thing) watching for the possibly 4th time (or at least this one secific scene) Gone in Sixty Seconds. It's just the perfect sit-n-Knit kind of a movie. You know exactly when you want or NEED to watch, and the rest is just being stored into the movie trivia portion of your brain.

I have also gone on a yarn diet, and just realized that I actually have yarn to knit something that I don't know if I can really knit, and it is so from the bottom of my stash it is part of my original yarn purchase. Is that not just unbelievable!!! Bye Bye i-pod cases, hello lacey shawl.


Calling Kahlo said...

That is so unfair. All afternoon, I have been thinking that I should have kept that dvd so I can type my paper while watching it. I love that movie!

Sue H said...

Ah, a lacy shawl. Don't forget to post photo's when you get around to knitting it.

Kim said...

Hi! It was nice meeting you at SticknStitches yesterday. Thanks for finding the hidden end of the center pull ball! I would have made a rats nest of it. I haven't seen Gone in 60 Seconds. I'll put it on my Netflix list.