Monday, March 05, 2007


OK, so I am getting very depressed, which is absolutely ridiculously insane since it's over a damn video game. I am pretty decent on the real court, but I am suddenly not doing so well on the video court, I had been almost at the pro level, and now I think my 5 1/2yr old niece might be able to beat me. For some reason my stuid little MII is not able to return service, I just end up waving my racket at the air. I am good when I serve, or I can return serve, but come on, a game is kicking my ass.

Here is my MII all dressed and ready to get on the court for another big ass whipping.

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Sue H said...

My Son gave his son a WII for Christmas, and now for some reason the controls aren't working (or the console isn't, he's not really sure which), so it seems that there are some glitches. Apart from that, I love this product. Hope your MII starts hitting the ball again......or you could switch to Golf.