Thursday, March 29, 2007

Favorite Knitting Accessory/s

My SP10 Host is running a contest for everyone in our group to post what their favorite knitting accessory is. I have one problem with this, I don't just have 1 specific favorite knitting accessory, I would have to say that I have 2. Both of them have my favorite color involved, and that is PINK.

First, I would list my Coach Tape measure that I happened to get by luck one evening while waiting on the corner by the Coach store for my DH to come and pick me up. So there I was with a little free time on my hands, and the Soho Coach store leering over my shoulder, calling my name, taunting me to come in, how could I resist it's pleas. So I enter the store, and am drawn to the back where they have in a glass case 2 small square objects, one blue, the other pink, I asked the woman who worked there what those cute little squares were, and she looked up at me and smiled, "Oh those, they're tape measures, aren't they just too cute." My reply was very simple and to the point, with Amex in hand I said "I'll take the pink please, and does that come in a cute little coach box too?" A few moments later, brown coach bag in hand I walked out the door, and got into the car where I sat with my new little present on my lap, and trying to explain to DH that it's not just a stupid tape measure, that it was a PINK COACH tape measure, and that now it was MINE.

The next thing I would list as my favorite accessory, would HAVE to be my Denise needles. Not only are they extremely versatile, but they allow me to have several WIPs going at the same time (I am in no way admitting to having a WIP issue.......GC, SHUT-UP, and Monica, stop laughing). The great thing about the pink set is that a portion of the proceeds go to a completely 100% privately/government grant funded lab dedicated to cancer research located in Vermont.


Calling Kahlo said...

I am not laughing, ...lies, I am laughing. And I am sure the conversation at Coach went something like "I so have to have that."

Sue H said...

Does that gorgeous little tape measure come in green? I'm not a fan of pink, but I have to say that THAT pink is nice. I like your Denise needles, but I'm hanging out for Knit Picks.

Kim said...

That coach tape measure is adorable!