Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lot's of Stuff Going On

I'm back......well, sort of. I don't really have a lot to say, or specifically write, but I wanted to place a few updates. I am currently in the midst of final getting to know who I am, and not who people have been telling me who I am, or was. I'm learning a lot of things, and my DH is standing right there by my side, it couldn't get any better than that. I'm doing a lot of knitting, it keeps me busy, when I'm not running errands, and doing the important things in life, like taking care of myself. My commitments for this week are very real and important to both DH and me, I am going to (slowly, but efficiently) clean our room and make it not only comfortably livable for both of us, but a place where I can feel comfortable having people in it. It's something that is LONG over due, but what else in life is there to truly enjoy procrastinating over but cleaning?

I've finished a few projects, I'm getting very close to fulfilling some of my New Year's resolutions. I finished my aunts Malagaitor, I finished my cousins baby blanket (he's being delivered this afternoon by my favorite Dr. in the world, so I know my cousin is in good hands), I finished my tie one on, and I have also finished the Irish Hiking Scarf (that was the only item I felt absolutely NO accomplishment on, but I guess it's because of the original intended recipient no longer wanting to be a part of my life, but instead I am going to donate it to charity which will make it much more meaningful anyway). I am finishing the heel of my sock, I know slow, but it's coming.

I've sent out all of the packages to my family to start knitting for my cousins baby blanket (I'm on color two of 7, so I've got to get working). I also need to finish the baby blanket for Daniella, my DH's cousins wife whom I love, she's expecting a girl in March. I also have to finish the blanket for Jen, one of my DH's closest friends wife who is also due soon. The fall was a very busy season for a few friends as you can tell, and that makes this a very busy season for me.

Well, back to the ol' sweatshop (as DH calls it), but I love it. I'll try to take some pics of things to post. Everyone be WELL.

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