Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At What Point Does Leagality Get Thrown out the Window

Apparently if you are a cop who pulls over a stripper then ejaculates all over them. Apparently the cop in this case in Orange County California WAS considered above the law by the 12 people, mostly men who sat on the jury in this case. If you believe that this is a crime, and he should have been punished for it please place this info on your blog so that others can read it, and it can be read by a nation that will hopefully be dumbstruck at how stupid and irreverant a jury can sometimes be. This man is a predator and will most likey do it again. He should have been punished for the heanous crime he committed against a female victim, and she is a vitim, no matter WHAT her job is. One's job should not make some, the person makes them.

I got the above information from Warm with Love's Blog. I started reading her Blogs yes that is a plural) after listening to the latest Lime & Violet Podcast on i-tunes.

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