Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's a girl

My sister-in-law found out yesterday that she's having a girl. Yeah me, there's so much more to knit for a girl. But poor nieces, they so wanted a boy, but I think they will take whatever they get and be very happy. My nieces comes here after school on Monday's, and one of them (I have to say the blabber mouth of the two) comes running upstairs, and haws and hums in front of my bed and says with this sheepish grin on her face, "Do you know what were having, it's a..." I stop her at that point and say hold on let me call mommy first. I called my SIL and asked if she wanted to tell me or if it was OK for Gemma to tell me, and she said well, it's a girl, but let her tell you, and I said, "Ok, what are you having, and Gem says, "IT"S A GIRL!!!!!". She was so excited, she could wait to help me pick out a pattern for the baby blanket. She points t this scarf that I made, the Irish Hiking Scarf and says, "I want the blanket to have these in it.", pointing to the cables. I'm like OMG, but say, "OK". What am I going to do. I don't want to do one like I did for my cousin, I want a new challenge, but something cool with cables, and definitely plushly, lusciously, delectable. I am actually going to run out to s-n-s and go through it all with Sheila, so I must run.

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