Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Chorus Line!!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

SO, February 14th finally came, and here it was teeming ice and snow. How were we ever going to make it into the city to see "A Chorus Line"? I was going to go come hell or high water, and my wonderful DH (who BTW got the tickets within a week of me telling him I wanted to go and that it was back on Broadway) knew that nothing but an emergency room visit for me, and maybe not even that wouldn't stop me. I was going to go see my favorite of favorite musicals once again. The first time I saw it, my parents (my mother and my step-mother at that time, no longer) took me as a surprise for my 12th birthday. When I say surprise, no one told me, when we got into the cab to the theater, I had to wait outside until they gave the driver the destination, and they blindfolded me!!! OH MY. I was in the 1st or 2nd row orchestra, right up front where I could see every movement and almost feel the sweat. They finally took the blind fold off after waiting a few minutes, in the seat, and then they asked if I knew where we were and what we were seeing, and I had no clue, but was hoping. When the music started, I knew every word to every song, and sang along silently, happily. I was so entranced with everything that was going on in front of my face it was as if I was in another world.

My husband told me two weeks ago that he had gotten the tickets for the show when I was having a moment of pure sadness, and this gave me the joy of a child. I couldn't believe that not only was he listening to what I had said about going, but he too wanted it to be a special event for me, to make my last viewing become a new beginning for us to share together. I have been so excited since e told me, I told everyone I met, and then couldn't remember who I had told, so most likely told several people over and over again. The night he told me I immediately went down to the computer and downloaded the original soundtrack to my i-pod, and listened to it everyday all day long, every word of every song came flowing back into my mind like a long lost friend. I do have my favorites, although I love all of it. I love "At the Ballet" and "Nothing" they are so moving and full of words and feelings that are so real to me, and I've been thinking that maybe that is why I had such an attachment to that musical like I've never felt for any music since. I used to go to sleep listening to it every night, and dance to it every day. I also love the song "I Can Do That", what a feeling it must be to just know that you have what it takes to do something that you've just watched and envied from a-far.

We got to the theater with plenty of time, and DH had gotten 3rd row center Orchestra seats (OMG, OMG!!!!). I was like that little girl who saw it last on September 23, 1984, and now again on February 14, 2007 with the one I love to make new experiences and hope that he too could get the feelings and joy that I had from it. The lights dimmed, the cast came on, and just like that 12yr old girl back in 1984, I silently sung along to every song wanting to scream out the words to the songs I loved. Holding DH's hand, and bobbing my head and tapping his hand along with the music, he knew I was happy, and that he was able to bring this kind of joy back into my life again. When he started to laugh at one of the scenes, I knew he too was drawn into the musical, as much as me, I doubt it, but the little girl who was next to me with her father was feeling the same thing as me, and knew all the words, and knew when something was to fast or too slow. She was 1o and had already seen it 3x (including last night), and when I asked her what her favorite songs were, she said the same ones as mine. It was wonderful! Last night was such a dream. The movement, the music, and the company I was with made it that way.


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