Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ene's Scarf

I will blog more soon, I've been a little depressed lately. A lot of family issues, and a lot of freakin' frogging of this pattern I saw in Scarf Style "Ene's Scarf" by Nancy Bush. When I first saw it I was in pure AWE, and said maybe one day I will get up to doing something like that, and suddenly last week I realized I had 500yds of Brooks Farm Yarns Duet, which was the perfect gauge, and said what the hell. Well, what the hell wasn't as easy as I thought. It calls for a cast on of 375, I didn't read that it was a knitted cast on, but I found out it really doesn't make a difference, but so far I have cast on for it oh lets just roughly say 8 times. I kept getting to the end and having either too many stitches left over, or not enough, and the mistake was so far back it was not worth ripping stitch by stitch, just the whole thing. Finally the other night I DID IT, I finished the first row accurately. Yeah me. I started the second row, and low and behold I screwed up, but I was able to fix it without riping the whole thing out. (I have taken measures to never make that mistake again), but while finishing the row, my damn Denise's fell apart, I swear the connector just popped, and off came the damn stitches. Well, no turning back from ripping the whole damn thing. So I recast yesterday 2x, and got to the end and no freakin go. Well, I recast on last night, and started fresh this morning, and voila I now have two finished rows. Yeah me. Here I cam lacey shawl!!! Beware I will stop at nothing, nothing to finish you at some point in my life.

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