Monday, February 19, 2007

Nintendo WII

OMG!!!!! DH and I got WII, and have been furiously been playing tennis either against the machine, or against each other. Well, we are now both realizing how OUT OF SHAPE we are. A video game is actually making us ache in places we didn't know were possible. We are no both doing major stretching before we play so that we do not really injure ourselves. If that last line isn't the funniest, I don't know what is then. This is the wave of the gaming future. Get off the couch and kick some Nintendo ass!


Calling Kahlo said...

Tell me about it. After a half hour of WII I felt my arm ache.

Sue H said...

So love the WII. Love the golf and bowling, but please make sure you wear the wrist band. Son #2 was playing at son #4's (brand new) house and put the WII control through the wall. Even the home owner could see the funny side.

Kerry said...

I so want to get one! Tennis all year would be awesome!