Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Shortest Blog Day From Hell

These are two of my first projects, i-Pod socks for my sister-in-law and sister. It took me four hours for each one, I can't believe how slow I knit. But these were my first real projects, on small needles, and small projects (i.e. nothing to hold).

I've done a few felted bags since (pictures to come shortly), I have knitted two sweaters, but am having great difficulty doing the finishing on them. I took a class, but I still just don't think I have it down. I don't know how long it takes to get finishing down, but I don't want the sweaters that I put all of my time and hard work into look like garbage because I can't seem it properly.

This picture is of my current project, I just love it. I am using different colors though. Mine is purple, pink, and blue. I just love it!!!! I'm using size 8 needles, and it's coming along, I can't say quickly, but it's coming. I just hope that when mine is finished it will look as nicely as this one. My other problem, is the yarn is rayon, so it is very moveable, and my fist time dealing with yarn like this. Oops! I have 1 hank that is a huge ball of knots, and one that I have to try and wind by hand because I messed it all up when I tried to use it on the ball winder and swift. DARN!! I got that thing for easability. I'm so disappointed, I am stuck on the pattern, and I won't be able to get to my LYS for two weeks to figure it out. How depressing is that. Just the no LYS for 2 weeks is bad, let alone the no major project deal.

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Calling Kahlo said...

Hey woman! Great job on the ipod socks. I have that project in the back of my mind. It was great to catch up at sns today! ttyl.