Monday, April 17, 2006

To Knit or Not to Knit

I LOVE Knitting! I just LOVE it, but I am one of those people who have to master everything or I feel like my work is substandard. I have only been "truly" knitting since October, but feel that my knitting should be much further along than it is. I also knit kind of funky, so my knitting is slower than other people, and that makes me feel so second rate. Although I found out today that my funky knitting is "Continental", but I just throw an extra step into it. I was called a "Continental Knitter" by Sunday and Sheila, now is that a bad word or not? I pose this question to all who might read this. Hopefully, soon, I'll be able to speed up with this new knowledge.

My husband thinks I spend too much time knitting, and not enough time doing other things, like watching tv with him. Maybe I spend a little too much time doing it, but it's only because I want to get better, and I love the people I meet at knitting. On Tuesday, April 11, I went with my friend Calling on Kahlo to see the Yarn Harlot at the Rutherford library. We had lots of fun. We met lots of other knitters, and I have signed copy of her new book, thanks to Sheila at s-n-s, she's so thoughtful she sent one for me with Monica. All I had to do was read the first page and realize that my husband, family, and friends will never get my new obsession. Oh well.

I have just started a new project, go figure, a soon to be felted tote bag. I'm tacking a course with Deborah at s-n-s. Soon I'll have pictures back up here as I am receiving my camera back tomorrow. But for a small glimpse of my monstrosity, check out Calling on Kahlo's blog for me knitting it.So the other question I pose, is to Knit or not to Knit? Am I too obsessed or as the Yarn Harlot would have me believe, this is normal. Feeling balls of yarn and rubbing them ever so gently up against my face. Ok, myabe way to much info. I'm also about to start another new project, something small for my trip to Chicago. I am going to tackle a sweater for my little baby, see picture below. Now this sweater calls for DP's, and I'm not the brightest Crayola in the box when it comes to these. So we'll see how it turns out. But baby does deserve the best.

Well, back to the old grind stone, or not.


Calling Kahlo said...

Well, I never thought I was strange for rubbing the yarn on my face but then I saw there is a list or ring for people who sniff their yarn. (Only sometimes do I smell it).

Toops said...

Hi, I never thought knitting was cool until I saw this lol (forgive me). I don't know, everytime I think about it I get the image of grannines handing me my annual knitted jumper that's about two million times too big :P

I don't know if such a 'culture' exists in the US but in England it certainly does! Hehe.

Looking in to it more deeply though I am glad that people like you are around because it is an artform that should be preserved.

Stick with it!
Best wishes