Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Ok, so I have issues, who doesn't. I was looking for a movie today for my nieces, and came upon E.T., you know the movie that inspired a nation to go eat Reese Pieces by the bag full. Well, I just got to the scene that, I must say inspired me as a child, and I'm pretty sure that I was not alone with this one. Elliott takes a heating pad and places it on his face to make his face feel warm, no problem there...it works, but then he takes the thermometer and holds it up to the light so that it heats up and reads a temperature. Well, if you also notice, he's holding it up to a fairly strong light, one that would produce a lot of heat. He never once afterwards checks the temperature gauge (they were filled with mercury back in the day) to see what it reads, now if he had then he would have seen that it had probably soared to a wonderful 106 or even higher. I know this from my own personal experience. I tried it, but at the age of 11 I wasn't in the "know" about how to read a thermometer correctly, so when I brought it to my step-mother, who happened to be a Dr., her response was "Ummmm did you read the thermometer? I mean this is pretty serious you know. If this is REALLY your temperature, I mean really, then I think you are right that you SHOULD stay home from school. Now are you positive that this is YOUR temperature?" I thought long and hard, not only about what she was saying, but the way she was saying it...I fessed up....."Yeah, I didn't think that you had a fever of 107, because I think you would be dead. Now, how do we feel now, are we going to school in the morning?" I learned my lesson, and I sure as shit learned how to read a thermometer right after that.

So I really have issues with Elliott being younger than I was at the time being able to "pass one over" on his mom. Anyone else think they got the raw end of that stick errr. thermometer? I know, it's just a movie, but still a little reality would help somewhere....

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Sue H said...

Who expects reality in movies? I am ALWAYS going on about the falsities in movies and TV, but then just sit back and accept that they are using "dramatic license" for "entertainment" purposes. "Harumph".