Sunday, January 07, 2007

16 Candles

......And yes, I am referring to the movie. It is 12:45 on Saturday night, and I am trying to finish the Irish Walking Hat for my SP (whom by the way I am going to meet tomorrow - hat won't be ready, but pretty darn close for starting last night) and I am watching 16 Candles, saying everything word for word along with the movie and still LOVING it even with it now being like my billionth time seeing it. It's just at the end when the are at the church prepping for the wedding, almost to my favorite part. The scene "Sam walking out of the church with her sisters vail, and realizing everyone has left her behind, then looking up to see JAKE RYAN"!!! What female my age wasn't in love with JAKE RYAN???? JAKE RYAN!!!!!

No movie will ever top this as being the all time best movie, nor beat as being the ultimate 80's Icon film. Ok, back to knitting..

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