Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Traveling Blog - Day 1

I’m at the airport and have successfully passed through security with my million needles and dozen bags (ok a small exaggeration on the needles). At first I didn’t think they would let me through, as they stopped the belt when my bag went through and asked eachother about the contents. Oh the panic, 2 Hours on a plane, and NO KNITTING!!! NOOOOOOOOO. But the knitting Gods prevailed and saved me. So for the plane I brought my bag for felting, I’m only ½ way through. I have to get to a total of 18”, and I’m at 9 now. Deborah almost gave me a heart attack last night in class when she told me that it needed to be 16”, and I thought she said 60”. That would have been the difference between a body bag and the larger sized tote I am knitting. WOW! LOL a felted body bag, what’s next???

Now I’m on the plane, and I got the seat with the broken table tray, not that I’m going to use it for much more the typing my blog. but still to have to hold it up with my knee. Soon I’ll be able to post the pictures of my bag in progress, and of course the yarn that I am using for baby’s sweater. My cousin is FedExing me my camera overnight, it should be at the hotel when I arrive. YEAH! I’m not looking forward to this trip, but I am looking forward to any away time I can get to knit up my bag, the little I’ll have. We’re about to leave the gate, so I’m going to end here. I’ll pick up later, hopefully with a few pics to add.

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