Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So I have finished my bag, and am ready to felt it, but due to a little boo boo that Deborah was able to help me fix it should turn out fine, but I need to get either a jump rope or clothing line cord to string through the button holes in the bag. Will I ever knot anything that doesn't have a mistake? I am getting so done with that, it's very discouraging.

So while I wait to felt my bag, and go back to s-n-s so that I can learn how to pick up the stitches along the bottom of the summer sweater I am knitting, I picked up a new project. Go figure, me pick up a new project. BUT...... the yarn is from my stash! Yeah me for thinking ahead. I am making the knitted purse that is in Last Minute Kntted Gifts. The link goes directly to the cover page and there is a picture of my soon to be knitted bag, although I am using grey.

I am also knitting another i-pod sock, well cell phone really. This morning, at 4am, and I couldn't sleep I started on my friends (supposed) i-pod sock, but cast on for the cell phone sock instead. Oops! I guess she will get both if she really wants the i-pod one. I'll finally be able to shut her up though, all she does is bug me about not having done her sock. I have to say I am at complete fault with this one and she is right to nag me. I promised it to her for back in December. Oh well.

So, the reason I cannot sleep is due to this wedding that I am in on Saturday. Well, I bought the dress about 2mos ago, and was a little unsure of the getting the size I was getting, but my cousins told me that it fit perfectly. Well, a few weeks and tons of stress later, the dress doesn't fit. The dress said final sale, so one store would even exchange it for me for a different size. I finally went back to the original place I bought it, and they were so nice they exchanged it for me to one size larger. Well, guess what......Dress is still tight. Although this time I can zip it up, with help of course. The tailor is going to see what she can do by Friday evening, but I'm a glass half empty kind of gal, so I'm not planning on the better outcome. At least the dress will be hemmed in time. But I am just stressing about having turned into a "fatty patty" in less than 2 months. If I keep going at this rate I'll look like Fat Albert by the end of the year. OMG!

Oh well, the less sleep I get, the more knitting time I get, so it's sort of a loose/win situation here.

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