Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My first blogging day

I just love this picture. It truly explains it all. Today is my first day of blogging, so hopefully I do a good job.

Projects I have on the needles:

  • Silk Scarf - for myself
  • Finishing a sweater (actually trying to sew it now) from the winter issue of Easy Knitting (?) by lion brand using their Big brand - wow was it a quick knit, just not easy to sew together. Also, my first sweater.
  • Two tone purple bubble bag from Pursenalities
  • A wine tote made from Rio de la Plata
  • The Sophie bag from Magknits (in a teal looking Blue)
  • A pillow cover - for my girlfriend
  • i-Pod socks for some friends - I don't think I will ever finish them
  • Oh how could I forget the new sweater I just started (will post the link to the picture later)

I have so many projects going, it's unbelieveable. Even to me.

1 comment:

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