Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am currently contemplating why I Blog, and why I knit. I knit, and don't get anywhere because I have a very, very severe case of "Startitis". Sometimes I see something I want and I just start to cast on and then fi8gure out the pattern, or get to the point in the pattern where I go "WTF!!!!!". I am the slowest knitter EVER. Even if I just had one project going at a time (which is ABSOLUTELY impossible) I knit so slow that it becomes so unrewarding to me, I get angry and upset because I can't do what everyone else can. I can put two needles together, knit and purl, and a lot of other stitched too, but nothing, nadda! There are so many things that I would like to do, and I just get so frustrated that I can't do it, I mean I can, but MAYBE things like my Arwen will be done by next fall, that means fall "08"

Everything I knit I do it with passion and feeling, but why?

Why do I blog????? I seem to blog for myself. I think that there are maybe 5 people who read my blog, and one of them is DH. I seem to have failed, at blogging and knitting. If I stopped both, I don't think anyone would notice or care. It's not like there's anything here that would interest anyone.

After writing the above, it has become clear to me that this is going to be my LAST and FINAL entry. To the 3 people that do read this, and to my SP10 Pal...........I'm sorry, and my blog should be removed from your blog roll.

Ciao, and Farewell!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paige said...

If you enjoy knitting and blogging, you should continue to do so, without worrying about how quickly (or not?!) you knit or how many people read (or don't!)your blog.

I think the point of hobbies is the actual process of doing them, and the satisfaction gained from that process. Completion or readership, therefore, is mute.

So blog on! Knit on! Do whatever makes you happy, and if it makes you happy to take a break from these current hobbies, then do so, but always know you can come back to them.


Calling Kahlo said...

You have knit a lot. Yes. it is frustrating when things don't move quickly or at a pace that you want them to, but that happens. You have made amazing progress on the Arwen cardigan, you should post some photos with pride!

BTW, more people read your blog than actually comment. Most people dont comment they just read.

Viese said...

I go through this phase all the time, I have more projects started then the next man on the moon. I haven't touched my blog since November. It's like ugh, I just don't feel like it.

It just happens that way. There's no rule saying you have to do it everyday, well unless you belong to one of those blasting rings (except for the nj knitter one).

Don't quit on us, fellow nj knitter.

Hell start another project...that's usually what I do. LOL

Kimberly said...

I've just found your blog. It seems interesting to me. I do hope you'll reconsider blogging. If it has not been rewarding for you, I absolutely understand how you would consider discontinuing.

Wishing you well, whatever you choose to do.

Kerry said...

Hang in there sweetie! I used to feel the exact same way.

Knitting was painfully slow for me for a really, really long time. But the more I did it the quicker I got and now I can really zoom through projects if I need to. For me, knitting is about the process and not the speed. Unless of course I'm knitting for someone else who needs something within a certain timeframe. If you need the satisfaction of a FO try a dishcloth. Seriously. Just being able to say you completed something can be an incredible ego booster.

And as for blogging, readers seem to come and go in waves. Sometimes I swear I can hear the crickets chirping and then other times they are totally drowned out by all the chatter. I started blogging so I could participate in SP6 and kept going because just like knitting, I enjoyed the process. I like being able to get things out. Even if it is just for me. Of course there are other times that I get really lonely and desperately crave the chatter. When I get into those moods I have a little contest and post about it on the various knit lists. There's nothing like a hank of yarn to get the joint hopping! :-)


Sue H said...

OK, I think you need a bit of cheering up here. Don't be so hard on yourself, you are better than that. So, you are a slow knitter! And that is a problem because?? I wouldn't say I'm exactly a fast knitter, and I am always reading about people who don't look at their work while they are knitting.......I can't do that. I always need to look at what I am doing. Does that make me less than those who can knit without looking? No, of course not; just different.
We all do things at our own speed and in our own way. That does not detract from what we are or what we have achieved.
Come on girl, lift your head, take a deep breath, and thank God for your life. Remember, life is God's gift to you, what you do with it, is YOUR gift to "DON'T GIVE UP!!!!
You are loved.